1. TampaZeke says

    I’m amazed at how many people, including gay people, are unaware of the true, historical Sacred Band of Thebes and their heroic story and how Hollywood took this story, which should be taught in every school during gay pride month, and turned it into something unrecognizable from the original true story. In Hollywood’s version the 300 heroes were heterosexual homophobic ladies men and the chief of the villains was a flaming homo. If you don’t know about the historical story, Google it and educate people.

    300 was truly disgusting and should be boycotted by gay people with any sense of decency.

  2. BZ says

    I love history, which is why I generally avoid Hollywood movies. Even though it’s a fantasy, it still repulses me knowing that the true story was a far greater than this pos. Read Herodotus instead.

  3. Peter Hargmier says


    I think they are 2 separate historical incedents 58 years apart, there was indeed a Sacred Band of Thebes, made up of 150 pairs of male lovers, but there was also a small fighting force of Spartans who fought the Persians.
    The SBoT went up againt Philip of Macedon (Alexander the Great’s dad)at the Battle of Chaeronea (338 BC) and held out so ferociously that Philip solemny buried the SBoT and erected a memorial statue (The Lion of Chaeronea) out of respect.
    Leonidas led 300 Spartans (plus retainers and hangers-on) at the Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC) against Xerxes, where they held out for a few days before being defeated.

  4. Joseph says

    What Peter Hargmier said. The 300 Spartans is a completely different story from the Sacred Band of Thebes (note they’re from different Greek city-states). Still, it would be great if Hollywood made that movie, too!

  5. jason says

    You’re such a sucker for man meat, Andy. Oh, and you neglected to mention the homophobia of 300, a movie which avoided the notion of male homosexuality in ancient Greece. Gee, Andy, I thought you cared about homophobia….

  6. Remote Patrolled says

    Yawn – more slow mo, CGI enhanced fight scenes that generate zero excitement.

    The Matrix was the worst thing to ever happen to movies.

  7. UFFDA says

    Andy’s on it right Jason. We’re all suckers for man meat, WTH’s the matter with you?

    And ya, the Sacred Band of Thebes would be a great film, a truly great film. When you are a man who strongly loves another man the Battle of Charonea becomes a kind of touchstone. Matt Alber has even written a song about it.

  8. UFFDA says

    Andy’s on it right Jason. We’re all suckers for man meat, WTH’s the matter with you?

    And ya, the Sacred Band of Thebes would be a great film, a truly great film. When you are a man who strongly loves another man the Battle of Charonea becomes a kind of touchstone. Matt Alber has even written a song about it.

  9. Peter Hargmier says

    I feel I must apologise for my poor spelling and bad maths in my previous post. The Battle of Thermopylae and The Battle of Chaeronea actually took place 152 years apart (thinking in the backwards ‘B.C.’ can sometimes confuse.).
    And I too would love to see a Sacred Band of Thebes movie! ūüėČ

  10. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    The Battle of Thermopylae is one of the most pivotal events in Western Civilization. Right up there with the Birth and Death of the Christ, and the Columbian Discovery of the New World.

  11. redball says

    Ted B.,

    except there was no ‘Columbian Discovery’ (unless you are being Eurocentric!)

  12. says

    I too love these “historical” movies. Except Hollywood always falsifies facts for obvious reasons. I mean… Ever wondered why “actors” playing ancient greeks are always Irish looking, even though, ancient and modern greeks were anyithing BUT…. Or the portrayal of ancient egyptians as middle eastern when indeed they weren’t… Oh well, you’ve gotta enjoye the entertainment part of it I guess, as for the educational part, like someone said, google the damn thing yourself for accuracy… Or some semblance of it…

  13. says

    I believe Gerard Butler will be seen in the movie, which is a sort of prequel and sort of sequel set before, during, and after the events of “300.”

    Plus, we’re getting Sullivan Stapleton instead.

  14. Seattle Mike says

    Love the slow-mo shot of Rodrigo Santoro’s butt. Good lord, he’s a handsome man, even tricked up like this. But, yeah, you think they would have some more positive portrayals of man-man love in this, given Greek history.

  15. StevyD says

    I believe that all 300 died by the end of the movie. Therefore my question…Is this sequel about necrophilia?

  16. Bryan says

    Oh wait, Gerrard Butler is gone from it? More reason to see it then.

    Actually that’s a lie, I still can’t get interested in this, but the above is a small positive though.

  17. Bryan says

    And there was no “close up” of Rodrigo Santoro’s butt, that’s not a “close up”. It was the only reason I clicked :(

    Though despite my earlier comment, Eva Green looks bad ass in this even though she seems on the “bad” side. NOW she makes me want to see this.

  18. jaragon says

    “300” was both homoerotic and homophobic-historically the Spartans were warrior and lovers. This trailer looks like a mess

  19. Aussie Steve says

    Even a cursory look at Greek history tells you that Spartan men were all housed in barracks and “encouraged” to find “partners” there. Once a year the men were allowed (often forced) to have sex with women to keep the number up but they had no contact with women for the rest of the year. This went for all Spartan men from Leonides down. Emotional ties with women were considered effeminate and were frowned upon.

  20. says

    @ Peter Harmier:

    Yes, you have to distinguish between the 300 Spartans, led by Leodidas, who held the Pass of Thermoplae against Xerxes, (Persians) from The Sacred Band of Thebes, all Thebans, who were defeated at the battle of Charonae. by Philip of Macedon and his son Alexander.

    Charonae has been excavated and the bodies of the Sacred Band found ; they had been laid side by side, an unusual honour for fallen warriors in battle.
    But of the Sacred Band Philip wrote:

    “Perish any man who suspects that any of these men did or suffered any thing unseemly”.
    A huge stone lion was erected to mark the battlefield, it is still there… can see it on my blog page.
    But please distinguish the “300” Spartans from The Sacred Band.
    The Sacred Band was established by Pelopidas deliberately as homosexual couples….on the basis that they would fight harder for each other.

  21. says

    I don’t think this movie is supposed to be historical; it looks like an amalgam of the Peloponnesian War and the Trojan War…….though it’s difficult to tell what it’s supposed to be.