1. Don with a "D" says

    STOP!!! Wait. Is that Gareth Thomas I spy playing bartender??? This is where the emphasis of this story should be (sorry Andy. Sorry Cher).

  2. jamal49 says

    Anderson, when I was a little boy I read in one of the gossip mags of that time that Marilyn Monroe was sad because she couldn’t have any children. So I sat down and I wrote a letter to “Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood, California” and I told her that I was really unhappy because my mom told me she hated me and everybody was beating me up all the time and I would love if she would adopt me. I enclosed one of my grade-school photos so she could see what I looked like.

    Of course, I never did get a reply from Marilyn, but I will say that for a long time the thought that Marilyn was going to come and get me and adopt me and be my mother was about the only thing that kept me going and kept me from killing myself.

    Such are the things that a young queer boy used to dream about….

  3. throwslikeagirl says

    Jamal, that was lovely, sad, and touching. Thank you for posting and thank you for your honesty. I hope things are happier for you now.

  4. Brandon H says

    I love how Anderson Cooper’s public image went from zero to Queen with a capital Q in less than a year. The things I would do to that man.

  5. Mike Ryan says

    I miss Anderson’s daytime show sooooo much! Apparently it is over because they are only running re-runs at 11am and his 3pm timeslot here in SF has been taken over by Dr (gag me with that thang) Oz.

    Cher remains amazing. Look at her hands! I couldn’t see one sign of aging, same with her mouth and eyes. Yes, I do know she has the best of plastic surgery but she learned early on not to go over board. She has had a few botched procedures and we don’t see here publicly during those times but today, as she creeps up on 70 (I kid you not) she comes off as a beautiful woman.

  6. Sam says

    Can you imagine growing up watching Cher on TV and then actually having her on your show as a guest. How insanely trippy must that feel. Fun video.

  7. Red says

    AC’s daytime show was cancelled way back in October and they taped the last episode in March. I will miss it too just for The First 15 with AC’s crazy stories and observations and just seeing him more relaxed and open about being gay. The only time I watch WWHL is when Anderson makes an appearance. Cher is great but I’m not exactly a huge fan/follower of hers.

  8. John says

    Jamal that was a great story and I’m sorry about your childhood. I hate reading feedback on these pages and usually avoid it cuz it’s just people complaining and being horrible to each other but your comment was really great to read, thanks for share (Cher)!

  9. turrino says

    @Gay White trash with money: Cooper and Cohen are in their 40’s – I wouldn’t call that old – just middle aged. Further, the fact that Andy Cohen has pushed to get tons of openly gay folk on reality TV makes him an elder you should be grateful for to your out and proud existence.

    Every gay generation should be thanking the generation before them for the crap they went through so you can enjoy your freedoms now.

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