1. jexer says

    I bet there’s a compressor or something nearby causing vibrations that harmonize with the shelf. Slightly off-balanced objects will wobble and ‘walk’ themselves around in circles like that.

  2. joe says

    Since it only moves during the day, when people are walking around, it’s obviously unbalanced at its base and the vibrations cause it to shift.

  3. Maguitac says

    No matter the scientific reasoning we might find for this, reading this post scared me. All my childhood memories on mummies came rushing back. I so don’t want to watch the video.

    Also, the pessimist in me thinks this is a trick done by the museum people to peak interest, get funding, and maybe a new season of The Real Desperate Mummies of Manchester.

  4. Critifur says

    Wonderful, a scientist (Price)that discounts another scientist (Cox)theory, for mythology & hocus pocus. Does he also believe that the world is only 5,000 years old and humans lived with dinosaurs? Why is this man in charge of an antiquities museum?

  5. UFFDA says

    “The world is only 5,000 years old and people lived with dinosaurs”? Gee, that’s news, I need to tell people about it.

    The statue is looking around for a way out.

  6. BZ says

    I suspect some mechanical system is setting up resonant vibration during the daylight hours. Jexter is probably right. Wonder why it’s always rotating counterclockwise tho. Might be caused some subtle pattern in the base.

  7. nick says

    Subtle variations in temperature and humidity may create a vapor junction effect at the interface of materials, especially porous and non-porous material interfaces. That would, in effect, float the object allowing very subtle vibrations or just the object’s natural center of gravity to allow it to slowly spin. They should lift the object and see if there is dampness beneath it. One of the case seals may have failed after all these years.

  8. nick says

    An experiment: Find a small pane of glass, set up so it is only slightly off level horizontally, like a table top. It should have no more than one centimeter of drop per foot length. Place a wet coffee cup on the glass so that it is sitting in a ring of water, all the way around the base of the cup. There will be air trapped between the cup and class as nearly all cups are slightly concave on the bottom. Adding more weight to the cup should cause it to more firmly stay in position on the glass to to increased friction. But, when you fill the cup with near boiling hot water, the glass will stay a few seconds and then begin to slide and possibly even rotate. This is because the air trapped between the cup and table and contained by the water-ring gasket expands and lifts the cup slightly providing a nearly frictionless interface.

  9. Rexford says

    What’s the floor made of? As people walk on it, a section or piece of the flooring might be doing something to a lef or pedestal of the display table.

  10. Daniel says

    The Egyptian exhibit is in the basement. I was there last month while visiting London. Perhaps it is low frequency vibrations from the hall above which carries the majority of foot traffic into the museum (which is free to visit BTW and I highly recommend seeing all the exhibits. Also see the Natural History Museum which is stunning. It is across the street from the V&A Museum).

  11. melvin says

    Ha. Lords of Kobol preserve us. Reminded again of Borges’ description of the Falklands/Malvinas war: “Two bald men fighting over a comb.”

  12. Bollux says

    @Echtkultig And other crocks of crap like Piltdown Man, the Cottingley Fairies, Harry Potter, the Spaghetti Tree, Oasis and Colonial Imperialism.

  13. ratbastard says

    Vibrations. And the museum is using this phenomena to attract attention same way small towns use alleged UFO encounters and ghosts to attract tourism.

  14. darren says

    Everybody has “the” answer..
    I find it so interesting in a world that is quit unaware
    of so much of the goings on before us that we as humans as so unwilling to believe or rather only willing to believe that there is a logical answer…and its always so simple…
    yet nothing in the world truly is as simple as we would want..why are we so sure its someone doing it..there are too many questions to suggest its being moved by the hand of someone.

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