1. Matt N says

    Given the Supreme Court said that the Federal Government can’t interfere in the decisions of States with respect to lawfully married same-sex couples.. There is no ‘next move’. Game over.

  2. Geoff says

    Har!!!! Why don’t you get on the short-bus with the shrieking baggers…and drive on down to Uganda where you belong? Michele Bachmann will be driving! Har!!

  3. pedro says

    The GOP can read the writing on the wall…it is their crazy-ass teabagger voting base that has them by the balls. They need a new voter base, because crazy and hateful, paranoid, middle-aged white, heterosexual (mostly male) Christofascists are not exactly a winning demographic going forward.

  4. andrew says

    Poor MR Boehner has the thankless job of trying to lead the collection of wingnuts that now passes for the once respectable conservative Republican Party.

  5. Rob says

    OK, Pedro. That is the most clever, incisive post I’ve ever read on Towleroad. You are exactly right.

    Let’s lift a glass together when Texas goes blue.

  6. Craig says

    I wonder if Boehner even realizes that the DOMA decision applies nationally ony because he kept appealing the case all the way to the Supreme Court. If he had not intervened the case would have been settled at a much lower level and have a much more limited scope.


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