1. Francis #1 says

    Very good. This is having integrity, standing up against oppression and hate rather than bowing to it. And now we’ll see the response to this. And the response will be telling as to just how “tolerant” the BSA truly is.

  2. says

    The Fox13 link has a good news video, btw.

    I am proud to have personally registered this contingent a-way back on February 1, when we knew the issue was big, but the voting date hadn’t yet been set. I am extremely proud of the Scouts who carried the flags, lead the parade, and marched in uniform, standing up for what they know is morally right – equality for all. A better photo:

    And I’m proud that a Fox News jackass called us “militant gay rights thugs.”

  3. says

    When I first started reading this I was concerned about how the local Boy Scouts would respond to these boys marching. I’m glad to hear they won’t be kicked out. Good for them for standing up for what they believe in.

  4. Francis #1 says

    The boys won’t be kicked out, but it’s being said the adults who marched could lose their membership on the BSA council in Salt Lake. So there’s potentially going to be a heavy price paid here, but clearly for these adults, it’s well worth it to send a message of inclusiveness and acceptance.

  5. says

    Ed, do you think that paying attention to LGBT youth issues that affect about 2.7 million American kids is “getting out of hand”? Or do you think that we’re just not capable of multitasking and paying attention to things like marriage equality and ENDA at the same time?

  6. nick says

    Ed, the Boy Scouts, marriage, adoption, anti-gay violence and murder, equality at work, and general equality under the law, all of these things are related and function as a whole. And all of them boil down to one simple thing that all people need to understand: Gay people are just as human as heterosexuals in every way, and we expect to be treated the same in every way without any exceptions.

  7. Francis #1 says

    No, Ed, I don’t have money on the BSA. I do have interest in the well-being of our youth, gay and straight alike, and the messages they’re being sent by the Boy Scouts is one of hate. That’s not OK, and it’s not something that anyone should excuse and ignore.

  8. says

    @Nick, spot on. @Ed, BSA is an organization that supports *structural* inequality. Gay people were forbidden until recently, and now they’re forbidden after they turn 18.

    It is vitally important that change from within happens in organizations with structural inequality. These Scouts took a brave stand today, knowing that their futures could be ended in the organization.

    It’s important to enter into battle with structural inequality wherever it exists. Change has to happen on every level of society. Many people are comfortable and self-assured in their bigotry, convinced that because “good” conservative types – such as religiously sponsored Scout troops – support them in their preconceived notions, it’s okay.

    Those notions are challenged head-on when uniformed Scouts march in a Pride parade. They are challenged when Catholics march in a Pride parade. They are challenged when members of the U.S. military march in a Pride parade.

    Confronting society, and social conservatives, again and again and again with things that force them to think about the issues is an important part of social change at every level of society.

  9. Bob says


    The Council HAS to disagree, since the BSA policy on Gays changes Jan 1, not now
    The local mormon boys HAVE to march and look brave, because the mormon church, balancing its reputation and one of its greatest
    indoctrination tools (its scout troops) needs to look accepting of Gays


    However, the side effect on advancing the rights of Gay kids in National publicity for the church is a good one.

  10. terry says

    Anyone who has researched the Mormons know its a cult but religion as a whole requires ignorance of its followers. Thus attitudes toward gay is just an extension of this ignorance so why is anyone surprised?

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