1. Darrell says

    Edmonton, my hometown in my province and my country. We Canadians may not be on the international radar 24/7 but when we do something like this (even in a perceived Redneck province such as Alberta) It makes Canadians stand tall and proud being the envy of the world!

    From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada HAPPY PRIDE!

  2. shanestud says

    Thanks Queerty for running this story at a time here in the US when right wing attacks against us, our lives and our marriages are getting more vicious as we get closer to decisions from SCOTUS. This story you found out of Canada gives me hope. Congratulations Canada you light the way..

  3. ratbastard says

    You Canadians are so nationalistic. I’m shocked. You’re always whining about how nationalistic Americans are, and how we never pay any attention to you.

    Anyways, clutch the pearls, and congratulations.

  4. david from edmonton says

    Another reason I’m proud to be Canadian. This happening in Alberta is a first like the Premier attending Pride last year. Congrats to the Canadian Military for being so forward thinking and accepting.

  5. Neil says

    Sad that this world has come to the point where these FREAKS get this much attention. And of course every homosexual that can post puts up what a great thing this is,so it makes it look like everyone supports this. What our country needs to do is spend money on research,as to how to over come this Mental disorder these freaks have before its to late.

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