1. T.J says

    This was lovely. Of course there will be the old miserable souls who love to b-tch about every pro gay story on here: but we call them cancers and such miserable people usually do end up with cancer with all their misery.

    GREAT STORY! Thanks andy

  2. Jerry says

    Really appreciate this. Any recognition of us, the community, LGBT and our youth in a positive manner is celebrated.

  3. Kev C says

    TJ, I didn’t see this video as being positive:

    I was bullied and not accepted as a teen. Now I’m old and unattractive, an emotionally crippled adult working with people who dislike me.

    Oh yeah, that’s so much better than being a suicidal teenager.

  4. Gus says

    Some rank and file officers have expressed concerns about the project, however, including fears they could be passed over for promotions if they refuse to participate in the video. Fraternal Order of Police President Jason Pappas acknowledged the officers’ concerns, but does not currently consider the video to be a union issue. Also expressing concerns about the PSA is Alkire Road Church of Christ Mark Bass, who said he’s watched the San Francisco PD video, and believes it advocates a homosexual lifestyle while doing little to discourage bullying. “I didn’t see it as a bullying video, it was a pro-gay and lesbian commercial,” he said. Bass said he’s also concerned the possible inclusion of on-duty officers will result in the video being “funded by taxpayers.” The minister plans to include a post about the project in his upcoming church bulletin, and said he will encourage the video’s opponents to make their feelings known to Columbus city officials.

    Read More at:

  5. Bollux says

    @Kev C Maybe you’re just a pessimistic a-hole that nobody has ever liked. I’d go with that.

  6. ThomT says

    @Ken C – from the tone of your post it seems pretty easy to see why you’ve not been accepted. You describe yourself as old and unattractive. That doesn’t seem like a very positive description of what you might actually have to offer. I’m old and certainly not as attractive as I might once have been but I have terrific friends (straight and gay) a work environment that actually makes going to work a pleasurable and a social life that I have personally taken control of to makes certain that while at time I might be alone I’m never lonely. Remember you only get out of life what you put into it and a negative attitude can turn away a lot of people who might otherwise choose to be your friend.

  7. John says

    @Kev C – I wish you peace and happiness, but it needs to begin from within. Love yourself and the rest will follow.

  8. Andy says

    Are any of these male occifers single? I live in Columbus, and I’m looking for a husband.