1. LetSodomRing says

    I’ll be voting for my rocket scientist congressman, Rush Holt, who spoke up for LGBT spouses of immigrants years ago and submitted a bill to secure their rights. I just saw him a few weeks back at an ACLU/Garden State Equality seminar on marriage equality, where he gave us tips on how to lobby state legislators. Rush Holt is obviously a genius, but he’s also a passionate and selfless advocate of various progressive causes. I want him as my senator.

  2. melvin says

    It must be nice to have a choice between a rocket scientist and a superhero! The fact that Booker considers Bradley his mentor puts a whole new light on things. When Bradley left the senate, its average IQ dropped several points.

  3. Andrew says

    Booker is a bridge builder, not divisive like the many of our leaders. I remember early on how he was elected president of a Jewish club at Yale. Not bad for a Christian Black man!

    Newark has suffered from 4 decades of corruption. I commend Booker for taking on the challenge, even when he lost the mayor’s race the first time against Sharpe James’ machine. Booker has shown tenacity in his will to do what’s right.

  4. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Lots of NJ Republicans are going to vote for Mayor Booker in the October election. He has plenty of bipartisan respect, and the current-reputed Republican “candidate” is a non-entity with zero name-recognition even within the Party. The former-mayor of suburban Bogata, New Jersey as Senator?..Bwhahhahhaha!!!

  5. Dave says

    As someone who lived in Newark and worked in the community development field during Cory’s term, I’m ambivalent. He was always much more interested in jetting around and being on TV than in actually governing the city. I would rather see him legislating than in an executive role, but I am really bothered by the whole Cory-walks-on-water attitude. He’s really not that great. Not horrible, either, but completely mediocre.

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