1. pedro says

    You guys do realise that the gay guy was African too right? I am always fascinated by the bigoted response to homophobia that some gays express whenever there is news of attacks of minority and foreign gays by their ethnic peers. So the gay gay was a savage primate too…so why do you even care? And the gays in Russia are also slav communist scum just like their attackers. Shouldn’t you be happy that these people are being murdered since you hate their ethnic group?

    It seems like these foreign reports are used as an excuse to express the innate racism or bigotry that many gays already have in their hearts.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Backward dumb primates!”

    You need to make “primates” plural, dontcha’, BRAINS. You’d have made the word plural even if there was no African homophobia. Your posting name is a absurd.

    @ “And yet Africans whine when we call them savages.”

    Who the are “we”? Many in the world remember Auschwitz, Berkin-Belsen and the other death camps. Yes, Ozu, your kind has shown that you are perfectly capable of “savage” behavior.

    Yes, Mr Muhame is a savage, but so was Herman Goebbels only 70 years ago. Ask the Jewish people.

  3. Kim says

    ITA @pedro it’s funny how the white homophobes who wish death on Gays are never referred to as primates or savages.They didn’t even refer to guys who killed Matthew Shepherd as a savage.Racial bigotry is just as disgusting as anti Gay bigotry

  4. Maguitac says


    A bigot, a racist, xenophobe, homophobe, misogynist, misandrist, sexist, Nazi, dogmatic, a whatever-phobe has no country, no skin color, no gender, no sexual orientation, no denomination, no theology, no hair color, no eye color, NOTHING IN PARTICULAR, but the fact that he or she is a prejudiced a-hole.

    It is not because one is African that it makes one’s ignorance more partial to our own intolerance. As proof, we have legions of same-minded people here in our country, getting away with murder every day. No matter their where they were born.

  5. candideinnc says

    The man is a turd, on the same level as the Russian assholes kicking the gay man on the ground at an attempted gay pride march, the evangelical American d*ckwads who went to Africa to encourage enactment of their hateful discrimination laws against gays, the French Nazis who murdered the 19 year old gay student activist, the Islamic fundamentalists who want to murder gay people under the guise of Sharia law, and all the other violent bigots out there. Turds.

  6. H says

    @Maguitac: well said, my friend. Gots plenty…and I do mean a-plenty of anglo-christian-better-and-holier-than-thou savages in the “developed world” that feel the same way this bastard does. Hell, the good vodka-drinking, caviar-eating rooski folk are a testament! THANKFULLY, there are Russians…and Africans…and other folk who believe in dignity and respect for all humankind. They’re just difficult to find, but it is becoming easier.
    To mr. muhame: stay your sorry ass in Uganda.

  7. says

    What a waste of human skin this guy is. Well on a happy note, well sorta happy, Frank Mugisha is here in Toronto and held a conference yesterday that was insightful.

    Question… Why are some white American gays so backwards? In 2013 people still utter words like the ones i just read in some comments above? America still has a loooooong way to go.

  8. FC says

    Is it wrong to picture myself hitting his smiling face with a pipe? He’ll start screaming and crying as blood is gushing out his nose and fall two feet from where he’s standing. I can always dream…

  9. FC says

    Is it wrong to picture myself hitting his smiling face with a pipe? He’ll start screaming and crying as blood is gushing out his nose and fall two feet from where he’s standing. I can always dream…

  10. Critifur says

    I know this is information that needs to be known, but I have no interest in seeing this film, it will not enlighten me. I already know more than I need to know. It is just horrifying and sad.

  11. candideinnc says


    What you say is true, but it is not an excuse. These people are not children who must follow the wise counsel of Western Preachers. This man is the editor of an African rag. He is a grown adult who is solely responsible for his hateful conduct.

  12. Yuulun says

    If there was any justice in this world (and there isn’t), this piece of subhuman slime would be sent to the Hague for Crimes Against Humanity.

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