1. jamal49 says

    For the record, one of my best friends was on Fire Island that night. Early the next morning, when the news of the crash was disseminating, he called me.

    He was upset, very upset. He and several friends were out on the beach and saw a streak of light climb up from the horizon and several seconds later there was an explosion, a bright flash in the sky like a supernova which then imploded and left fire-streamers slowly trailing down from the sky into the water.

    Everyone was convinced that a missile had been fired at an object (as turned out, Flight 800). The FBI actually appeared on the island and was questioning people. The line of questioning was actually the agents telling people what they saw, but in the form of questions.

    My friend and others insisted that they saw this streak of light shooting straight up with practically no wavering and no deviations in the trail of light it cast as it climbed into the sky. The agents insisted that they didn’t see a streak of light.

    Initial reports indicated that it might have been a missile or an object similar to a missile fired from a stationery object on the ocean. In a few hours, the media changed their story and stopped speculating whether something had been fired at Flight 800 and began to parrot what was quickly becoming the official version of events from the U.S. government.

    My friend has since died but I trusted his honesty about what happened. I have never believed the official reports that it was an internal explosion that downed Flight 800.

  2. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    “Everyone” knows the US Navy was conducting a missile test in the area that night and hundreds of people saw the flame of a missile approach the 747 at supersonic speed (which the NTSB said was burning jet fuel leaking from the aircraft).

    1 + 1 = 2

    Easier to blame TWA, which was headed for bankruptcy anyway.

  3. ratbastard says

    Hmmm. A very close friend of mine knows someone who was going to be on that flight. She used to take it to Paris all the time. At the very last minute she had to cancel, and she had never cancelled a flight before. 100% true story.

    I don’t know how you keep such a spectacular secret, it would have had to have involved many people, including many low level people; but I suppose it’s possible.


    On a side note:

    Anymore info ever come out about the ‘alleged’ missile seen off the coast of Los Angeles a while back?

  4. Maverick69 says

    I remember watching the news that night and very early on many people interviewed living in Moriches, L.I. all said the same thing. They saw a streak of light heading straight to the plane.

  5. CPT_Doom says

    Let’s see, during the initial investigation no evidence whatsoever of a missile or bomb attack was found – no metal damage that you would get with such an attack, no explosive residue (except leftovers from a training exercise that was held on the plane a few weeks before), and no radar evidence. More importantly, several pilots saw the plane break up in the air, with none of them reporting any other objects nearby. The nearest US military equipment was too far away to send any missiles that could hit the plane, and all military stocks were checked and no missiles were missing.

    Of course, when the initial explosion happened on board the plane, the nose broke off and the rest of the plane few straight up into the air, burning (a bright streak going straight up) until the plane stalled and the rest of the fuselage broke up, exploding the wing tanks.

  6. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    While I don’t trust the Guv’mint at face-value, it would be nearly impossible for a US Navy ship to have fired an errant missile and not have someone on the crew come-forwards. Terrorists on a speedboat—a remote possibility. But to silence several-hundred sailors and officers for over 15-years? Impossible.

  7. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    @CPT_Doom: Feeble attempt to twist the facts to match your theory. The nose of the 747 was blown off AFTER the eyewitnesses saw the streak of missile exhaust APPROACHING the nav lights (the red portside wing light and the collision strobe of an eastbound plane seen while looking south). Making your theory match those observations is impossible.

    The explosion was when the missile hit the central fuel tank. THEN the nose detached and fell to the ocean. The rest of the plane began a gentle climb (not vertical or anything even close to it), but with no controls and nobody to operate them the rest of the plane went down.

    The only radar data of the missile would have been recorded by the Navy, and they can classify it or destroy it as they wish. FAA radar doesn’t record original analog data (only it’s digital interpretations) and a small missile at Mach 4 wouldn’t be recognized by an air traffic controller even if it did ping on his analog screen. FAA radar requires airliner transponders to ID themselves when they detect a radar sweep. A Navy missile wouldn’t have a civilian transponder, and a military transponder wouldn’t be on a civilian frequency and wouldn’t transmit civilian-style identification.

    So explain that.

  8. anon says

    It’s wonderful fun to imagine all this stuff without any real evidence, but it’s painful for the families and actually quite cruel to get them involved in useless conspiracy theories. For the sake of the families you should real put away the tin foil hats and stick to the hard evidence. As was pointed out in the original investigation, the explosion pattern was not consistent with a missile strike. Also, if it were an accidental shoot-down there would be little reason for the navy to deny it. Further, the navy does not conduct missile tests off of Long Island or near any other population center. If you think second-hand eyewitness testimony years later is reliable, then the bible must be true!

  9. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    @anon: Nice try, but it isn’t second-hand or years later. It was first hand observations recorded just minutes-to-hours after it occurred. As for your false sympathy for “the sake of the families”, having realistic closure (even 17 years later) is better than fantastic explanations that don’t match the facts.

  10. DannyEastVillage says

    I heard arms experts discuss this event not long after it happened. They said that the explosion was NOT a fuel explosion–it was the wrong color: it was a bright-white explosion, which is ordnance–not fuel, which is smoky orange when it explodes.

    Lots of people testified to that at the time. This was a cover-up.

    A theory that surfaced at the time was that this is a false-flag operation gone awry: the intended target an El Al liner which was delayed at JFK. The TWA flight flew over at the time the El Al liner was expected.

  11. Jevon says

    I remember watching the news the night it happened. In a video they showed it was very obvious that a “missile” or some outside object was streaking across the sky to Flight 800. That video was never shown again – NEVER. We’ve always believed that it was a cover-up – just like the missile (not an airliner) that hit the Pentagon on 911.

  12. Just_a_guy says

    Anastasia: hmm. Watching a news report or two had convinced me this was all silly conspiracy: The head of the investigation got on the air and complained that all these employees had a chance to report and contest the investigation then–and didn’t…so why would they do it now.

    However, your credibility, Anastasia, got me thinkin: Maybe. So, your comment got me to watch Andy’s post here, and it supports your theory: Apparently, they did report their views but didn’t get a hearing. Interesting. Still, their PR machine has still done a pretty good job maybe? The documentary does have me intrigued. Still, I’m suspicious of it a bit.


    What is hard to believe was that the news reports that night in NYC INCLUDED THE HOME VIDEO(S) which clearly showed the object streaking up from the surface and blowing up where the plane was in the sky! Then the plane fell. We all saw it ON TV! This is not some eye witness report. This was local if not national news for about 1-2 hours that night. Then the news never showed that footage again. When the internet became commonplace I always thought the home videos would pop up somewhere but nothing… How the home video, incorporated into the news cast, and the news cast itself has disappeared is simply astonishing. Now all we are shown is the flames in the water scene…

    I can not assume to know why this happened. Maybe there was good reason to kill all those people or cover up how they died. Maybe it was just an accident. Maybe if it was terrorism the powers that be made a call they thought was best for the nation or the world. What I know is that there were many eye witnesses in NY who saw this happen, the home videos were on the news…and now…its all gone for what reason I have no idea. It did happen though. I just hope there is some reason that made the deaths of all those people or the cover-up override the need for transparency.


    PS – There was some recent video footage from a hotel security cam towards the Pentagon on 911 and you can clearly make out the plane over the highway before it hits the building ….Sorry…but that one was as clear as the missile was is this event.

  15. John Lee says

    This is such an obvious cover up its sickening! Much worse than the young man that tried to bring a backpack into an Oklahoma football game. When security wouldn’t let him in with his bag, he sat outside the stadium , tried to diffuse the bomb in his backpack and ended up blowing himself up. His roommate was later arrested for terror activities. The fbi told local police, media, and even the under sheriff to keep silent about what happened. As it turned out, the bomber had practiced by setting off bombs in near by corn fields to see which combination did the most damage. I can only guess at how many deadly attacks or near attacks have been covered up. Clearly, as the sun rises, Flt 800 was shot down! Looking at these 2 events, the Pat Tillman cover up, a very proud American now will never trust his gov’t again. Always had doubts, but these incidents sealed the deal. I believe in our gov’t but it needs an overhaul. Fire everyone, get rid of big business out of politics, and start fresh. The only influence coming from the people, not policy based on donations, favors and cover ups.
    Try to google the Oklahoma football explosion and see what pops up and ask how that couldn’t be national news!Scarey as hell what we really hear about and don’t. Not to mention the papers and news outlets and what they have at stake in reporting the truth.

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