Gabriel Gomez, GOP Candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, Endorses ENDA

Gabriel Gomez, the Republican candidate running for the open U.S. Senate seat in Massachusetts, says he supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA):

GomezIn a statement provided to the Washington Blade from his campaign via email, Gabriel Gomez, a former Navy SEAL, announced his support for ENDA in response to an inquiry on the legislation.

“I support ENDA, because I do not believe in discrimination of any kind, including discrimination by sexuality,” Gomez said.

Why is this significant?

Only two sitting Republicans U.S. senators are co-sponsors for ENDA: Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.).

On Friday, Rachel Maddow noted that the Republican Party was on a collision course with gay rights, and their socially conservative positions would come crashing down when the Supreme Court rules this month on same-sex marriage.


  1. JONES says

    “An email provided to the Washington Blade” isn’t convincing evidence that Gomez’s alleged support for ENDA is genuine or durable. Nowhere is there a statement on ENDA on Gomez’s website, Facebook page or Twitter feed.

    Mr. Gomez refused to state his support for ENDA when asked directly at a press event two weeks ago. If he has now decided to declare his support for the bill, why do it via an unattributed email to a newspaper based in Washington, D. C.? Why not splash it all over his online media, the Boston Globe and other Massachusetts media outlets?
    The statements above are from Pam’s House Blend.

    Come out publicly in support of ENDA Mr Gomez. All support is welcomed and yours may well be one of the voices that starts to change minds in your party.

    Your Democrat opponent Ed Markey has been on record in support of LGBTQ for over a decade and his voting record shows not only ENDA support but also gay marriage equality. What’s your stance on marriage equality Mr. Gomez?

    Here’s the Mass Live commentary by The Republican on Ed Markey’s LGBTQ support history …

    Andy, his name is Gomez … not Bomez.

  2. aj says

    He is Still a GOP candidate and that is the last thing we need in the US Senate!! He made a campaign stop and Blasted Rep. Markey for having Potus, Former Pres Clinton, VP Biden, in Boston and MA campaigning for him. And all he can muster to campaign for him is Scott Brown (another has been loser)……

  3. Clarknt67 says

    It’s ridiculous to say “An email provided to the Washington Blade isn’t convincing evidence.”

    Campaigns email position statements to the press all the time. It’s standard operating procedure. Is the contention that the Washington Blade didn’t authenticate the email’s origin and it’s a hoax? Or is the contention that the Washington Blade fabricated this story completely out of thin air?

    If indeed the Blade’s reporting is in error, the Gomez campaign has had 18 hours to ask the Washington Blade to correct it, and they have not.

    It’s totally valid to point out that Gomez campaign’s low-key “announcement” is powerful evidence ENDA is not a priority for him. And history tells us, when push comes to shove, like Scott Brown, Gomez will vote with the GOP block of obstructionism and not represent the voters of his state, even if it means breaking this implied promise of support on ENDA.

    But let’s be careful about accusing our own LGBT news outlet, the Washington Blade of incompetence or lying. Reporter Chris Johnson is in the White House press corps, I trust he verified his source before publishing. It’s pretty journalistic 101 standard.

  4. JimH says

    Gomez is just another Republican who will say and promise anything to get elected. If elected he will be part of the party line dance. The only reason he is running for office is the real possibility that he can maneuver the political position for personal gain. He has as much interest in the people of MA as a flea for an avocado.

  5. JONES says

    You’d have to ask Pam about her Blade opinion but I got nothing even remotely hinting about discrediting the Blade from that statement.

    Taken in the altogether with the rest of her statement that line is not ridiculous at all.

    Gomez has made no mention of support for ENDA on any of his campaign media venues and has refused to publicly answer questions about ENDA. How easy would it be after the election for Mr Gomez to deny knowledge or sanction of that email if there was no public statement directly from him verifying it. She’s challenging him to go on record publicly and it’s my opinion that this would be a good thing for the GOP (and the US) in the long run.

  6. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    To peel off a few gullible gay voters in a close election is a typical Republican tactic. Once the GOP is in power, they fall back in lock step with their rightwing fundamentalist base.

  7. Jake says

    Maddow will say anything to stop a Republican. She’s another talking head. Massachusetts gave us Scott Brown, and Obama isn’t riding any popularity wave. It will be an interesting outcome considering it’s a liberal state.

  8. LaserZebra says

    I’m Canadian, and I know who this guy is. He is running a very aggressive promotional campaign to try and paint himself as someone who isn’t your typical racist, bigoted, Republican. How much of it is truth, and how much of it is PR, remains to be seen.

  9. Patrick says

    Just want to point out a tiny factual error. The GOP Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtenan (sp?) from south Florida also supports ENDA. I know its only one more, but she has always been a supporter of us gays. She does represent South Beach, ya know!

  10. Brand Names Matter says

    I wouldn’t trust him. Almost all Repubs are rubber stamps for the party line. They even put party above country, let alone civil rights.

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