Gay Film Posters Too Hot for the Parisian Suburbs

Linconnu_du_lacPosters for the gay French thriller L’Inconnu Du Lac (Stranger By The Lake), which screened at Cannes, are being pulled by French municipalities because of its depiction of gay love, Deadline reports:

But on the eve of its release in France, where expressions of sexuality are de rigueur and where gay marriage was recently legalized, the film’s advertising (left) proved too much for some. In the Parisian suburbs of Versailles and Saint-Cloud, a series of promotional posters was pulled at the request of the individual town halls, ad firm JC Decaux told AFP. The mayor’s office in Saint-Cloud said it had been “harassed” by phone calls and emails about the poster since it went up last week. Versailles says it did not contact JC Decaux, but a rep told French media it was understandable that the image “could shock people who find themselves disarmed by posters in the street that address sexuality.”

Check out the trailer here.


  1. pedro says

    The French have completely destroyed their reputation….Is it the influx of Muslims that is causing this social regression? Or was their reputation for social liberalism just over-stated to begin with?

  2. Jeep says

    To the few gallophobes and islamophobes out there. Versailles is probably the most right wing, catholic, upper-class conservative place in the Parisian Metropolitan area. It is nowhere near to be representative of France and the French. The rest of Paris is actually pretty much laughing at the incident.

  3. Zeta says

    It’s not that it’s too hot. It’s that it’s two men. Lesbianism for titillation is always acceptable. Two men, not so much.

    Two men is a threat, because somebody has to be the bottom.

  4. jjose712 says

    I don’t know what happened with french people, they used to be cool, now they are ridiculous.

    And frankly, the poster is very very far from being explicit

  5. JONES says

    You could have put up a poster with only the words ‘two men kissing’ and these homophobes would still have complained. This has nothing to do with the poster itself, it’s merely another excuse to rant out their hate.

    Please stop judging all of France by the actions of a few politicized hate groups.
    They are actually further ahead on marriage equality that we are in the US. It’s the law of the land not just a few regions.

  6. ratbastard says

    This anti-gay stuff in France is all about harassing socialist President Hollande. His popularity has plummeted mostly for reasons other than gay issues, and the opposition smells blood. Hollande and the socialist are making a very public stance with gay marriage [to be fair, I think it’s partly to deflect attention away from economic issues where they’re failing] and the conservative opposition are beating them over the head with it. It’s hard ball politics.

  7. says

    @Zeta: a poster representing a man and the naked legs of a woman have been also pulled recently for sexism, so the fact that this one is representing 2 men isn’t the main concern (I precise I find the fact that both have been pulled ridiculous 😉 poster can be pulled for : sex depiction (which is the case here: a couple seems to perform a fellation in the background. I know, you have to WANT to see it to actually see it :-)) sexism, tabagism (like the poster for the Gainsbourg biopic) and a fourth one I forgot…

  8. says

    @Gigi: they are both white in the movie, and from a European point of view, this poster doesn’t appear bi-racial :) moreover, bi-racial is not an issue here like in the States

  9. northalabama says

    bigots across the world are finding nits to pick, because gay rights are slowly making advances, and they can’t stand it, not one bit.

    why do you think it’s taken so long with so little to show towards glbt equality? it’s sad on so many levels.

  10. Zeta says

    @Kylian, thank you for more information. I guess the sexism of the man and the woman’s legs were that by using only her legs she was turned into body parts (to be consumed) instead of being presented as a human being (who can make her own consumption choices)?

  11. ratbastard says


    Bi-racial and certainly multi-ethnic is as American as apple pie. I agree there are certain places here and there where it might be an issue, but not in most of the U.S. The U.S. was multicultural long before that word was created and before Europe, Canada and elsewhere became ‘officially’ multicultural. Most Americans, even very conservative ones, will readily admit we are an immigrant country. Many Europeans really don’t accept this the way Americans do. I dare say most French think France is for French primarily, and so-on. The main reason you see diversity in places like France and the UK today is because they had imperial empires. And from the 60s-70s onwards, western Europe needed ‘guest’ workers to their sh*t work, but these people weren’t supposed to assimilate or stay in Europe. They did. Other than that, non-European immigration into western Europe pales by comparison to the U.S. Example: the number of ‘migrants’ attempting to enter western Europe is judged to be in the low hundreds of thousands. In the U.S., it’s counted in the millions.

  12. ratbastard says

    That should read ILLEGAL migrants. Illegal immigration into western Europe from outside of Europe pales by comparison to illegal [undocumented is the progressive PC word for illegal] immigration into the U.S.

  13. Bob says

    The French may seem very sexually liberal to us — but it is a nation of “one must do the expected thing”
    — so boys about to roll in the grass is novel to them.

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