1. Jack M says

    That guy is as gay as the fields of May! Who is she trying to kid, herself or us?

  2. Sam says

    For the love of God.

    The man is straight. If anyone has seen him interviewed or speak he’s just a guy. Literally the only thing you could claim as gay is that he’s a hairdresser, and contrary to stereotypical jokes nt all male hairdressers are gay. It’s ridiculous.

  3. disgusted american says

    she a biatch – and it should have been pointed out to her – that SHE HAS THE RIGHT to marry or not to marry – thats the difference!!!! The C-word that she is

  4. Zeta says

    @DrMikey: true. Nobody wants to be alone. If two people want to be together without sex being involved, more power to them.

    Gillard’s answer about hairdressers was right on the money, and she should be applauded for it.

    I’m not agreeing with the headline about being forced to admit she’s in a sexless relationship with a homosexual, though. If no gun was held to her head, there was no force to anything she said.

  5. DrMikey says

    It was a joke – albeit in bad taste…
    Everyone has the right to be in a sexless relationship, which can indeed be very fulfilling. But her views on marriage equality should not be affected by her circumstances. It’s called hypocrisy. Bachmann is guilty of the same. It’s no wonder they both hate us though.

  6. Pete N SFO says

    how did this woman get elected? She seems awful.

    It’s great she has the option of getting married or not, I bet a lot of Aussies would like the same option.

    And as for peddling vile & offensive things on the internet… I certainly hope the PM is equating that with being accused of being gay???

  7. kjpnyc says

    Australia is such an amazing country, and I found it so much more progressive than the US when I was living there during the 8 years of George W Bush. I don’t understand how Julia Gillard could have ended up as the leader of the labor party and how the labor party can still be anti-marriage in 2013. The sad thing is that she is going to lose an election later this year and will be replaced by a very far right prime minister, Tony Abbott, who will be extremely unfriendly to the gay community in Australia. I really think this is laziness on the part of Australians – a real failure to get involved politically and force the Labor party to have a better prime minister and better policies. Perhaps a few years of Tony Abbott will wake people up and inspire them to force change on these issues. It took 8 years of George W Bush to wake up a bit of progressive politics in the US.

  8. CD in DC says

    no wonder she’s pelted with sandwiches, i’ve encouraged a local chinese eatery not to display her photo. Madam PM, when we say gay marriage, which you oppose, we don’t mean woman marrying a gay man, you’re safe.

  9. TampaZeke says

    @Sam, how interesting that IN THE SAME SENTENCE you said he couldn’t be gay because he’s just a guy and the only thing gay about him is that he’s a hairdresser and then act all offended that people stereotype. You stereotyped both gay people and straight people including stereotyping hairdressers in the same breath as you complained about stereotyping hairdressers. It seems that your only issue is protecting straight hairdressers from the “insult” of being thought gay.

  10. jjose712 says

    Sorry, but the interviewer is totally stupid. What kind of questions are that? What’s the problem of not being marry?.
    I think everybody needs to have the right to marry, to chose if they want to do it or not.

    Anyway, i don’t care at all about this woman or her boyfriend

  11. keating says

    A Labour politician who doesn’t support marriage equality in 2013: revolting.
    But at least Australia has a top leader who doesn’t feel she needs to get married. Would the U.S. elect a president who was living unmarried with a partner? Not!

  12. Victor_in_PA says

    I love how she complains about stereotypes when it concerns her “partner” but, she has no problem stereotyping gay people when it comes to marriage equality. Typical politician, talking out of both sides of her face.

  13. Ray says

    I find that gay people (as other groups who are in the minority) tend to fall back on stereotypes.

    Positive stereotypes and negative stereotypes all function in the same way. They reduce people to 2D characters making it easier for society to marginalize them and treat them as subhuman.

    We do it as a joke amongst ourselves which is fine but when we use the same standards to judge the world then it becomes dangerous.

    Progress means that we, gay people, are seen as full humans beings everywhere, we have to give str8 men the same right to live outside the strictures of the patriarchal society that has kept all sexuality repressed.

  14. Frank Butterfield says

    Just a quick note to those asking how she got elected.

    The Prime Minister of Australia (like Canada and the UK and most parliamentary democracies) is not elected in a popular vote like we elect the President in the US.

    The Prime Minister is the leader of the party or coalition of parties that forms a government in the House of Representatives (Australia) or House of Commons (Canada & UK). The PM is named by the head of State (Queen Elizabeth II in UK and her Governors-General in Canada and Australia) according to unwritten constitutional tradition in all three countries.

    When folks in these countries vote, they are voting for their member of parliament and, by extension, they expect that the leader of that member’s party would become Prime Minister.

    Meanwhile, thanks to @kjpnyc for your insight on why she is the head of the Labor party. I never quite got that…

    (One last factoid: “the Australian Labor Party represents the labour movement in Australia” — the party name has no “u” in its name, even though that is how the word is spelled in Australian English)

  15. says

    Asking, or suggesting, if the man she lives with is gay in a “vile and disgusting thing?” Is that really what she thinks about the idea that someone is gay? And, does this explain why she put so much effort into stopping gay people from being given the choice she has, the freedom to marry or not?

  16. antisaint says

    The concept of anti-equality atheist just doesn’t make any sense to me at all.