1. AngelaChanning says

    Somehow I have a feeling I would receive a restraining order if I notified Mark-Paul that he was the object of my masturbation fantasies. LOLs. What a fun interview.

  2. David in the O.C. says

    Wow. That was surreal. — But, yeah, Mark-Paul is definitely masturbation worthy.

  3. jason says

    Progress? I call it pornographic.

    You’re simply using the gay rights notion to cover up your real aims, which are to make society sexually explicit. In the process, you are demeaning women because such explicit notions increase exploitation across the gender divide.

  4. daws says

    Lol, that’s awesome. Ross turned red lol! It was Damon and DiCaprio for me growing up.

  5. Eric says

    When you respond to comments like that from Jason you just reinforce his behavior. Ignore him.

  6. says

    I love Chelsea Lately, but whenever Ross is on the panel of comedians, I always feel like the other two on the panel are barely… I mean BARELY tolerating him. Has anyone else noticed this? Chelsea’s show always has three comedians sitting there and they can’t say or do anything to Ross because he is Chelsea’s protege. I can only imagine what they say about him backstage when the microphones are off.

    C’mon… Someone must have noticed this???

  7. Just Do It says

    I like Ross, but I would like to see him lose about 25 pounds. I think he has too much waddle under that chin.

  8. Peter M. says

    I like Ross too but he should stop inhaling all that helium before the show.

    No seriously, call me a hater and call me out on my internalized homophobia but I really have a problem with flaming queens like Ross Matthews. It’s one thing to be a bit camp it’s another to behave like a freak.

  9. Thomas says

    Love him, love his voice, love his chins, love his spirit. I think he has his own show coming out on E, I’ll be watching.

  10. Gigi says

    @Peter M. – We don’t have to call you out on anything. You did a great job of it all on your own. :)

    Loved this interview and loved the reaction from Breckin!! “What about ME?”

  11. Brad says

    I like Just Do It but I’d like to see him lose about 100 pounds of his inflated ego. I think he is too superficial.

  12. Methuselah says

    Zach was hot! But for me it was Will Robinson/Billy Mumy. Is there an age limit to sign in here?

  13. Gary says

    Is it wrong to wish it was Gosselaar who represented the gay guy and Matthews the straight guy? Aren’t we tired of Hollywood pushing the same annoying femme male gay stereotypes year after year? Enough already. We want masculine males to feel comfortable coming out of the closet, not stay in.

  14. parkrunner says

    Lets all send in videos of ourselves and have homosexuals critique us. No doubt we will all eventually be perfect and then force ourselves to procreate into a race that will rule the world. Or a race that simply points and laughs.

  15. Michael Bedwell says

    Ross Matthews. Occupation: Professional Flaming Fag paid to make straight homophobes feel better about themselves.

  16. jason says

    Michael Befell,

    I tend to agree with you. There seems to be an increase in the marketing of gay effeminate stereotypes lately.

  17. ElCid says

    I love the way everybody ignored Jason’s stupid comments!
    Except you, Anastasia Beaverhausen. We’re in a campaign of helping Jason realize that his comments are of help to exactly no one, by ignoring them. Join us? :)

  18. Francis #1 says

    OK, so Ross is “stereotypically” gay. And the issue with that is? He’s also very nice, a funny guy with a bright spirit….much more enjoyable than, yes, SELF-HATING queers who hate on Ross because he’s not masculine. What a ridiculous reason not to like someone. But goes to show how some gay men have been warped by societal standards of what being a man entails and are desperate for approval from heterosexuals (cause that’s what it’s really about—the mentality fem gay men harm the gay communities’ reputation with straights).

    Anyway, this clip was funny, but I’m not into either Mark or Breckin.

  19. jason says

    The problem with effeminate gay stereotypes is that they’re a form of appeasement. They distort male homosexuality and are a form of marketed appeasement. They are also designed to not offend women.

  20. TyInTennn says

    No doubt – Breckin is friggin’ hot. When Shrek asked to suck him in ’54…I am like…damn! He’s a lot hotter now!

  21. William says

    Ross Matthews — eesh, what a pathetic sterotype. How could he possibly think that it is attractive to act like that? Someone needs to send him a memo that the 21st century has arrived and gay men don’t have to act like mincing little girls or to debase themselves to get laughs from straight people.

  22. shawnthesheep says

    Damn there is alot of homophobia in this thread. Some of you seem to be so insecure about your own masculinity that you feel threatened by any gay man who is effeminate. That’s really sad. We should encourage everyone to be themselves.

  23. emjayay says

    In case you didn’t know, Ross was sort of discovered years ago by Jay Leno on the Tonight Show when he was an intern. And yes, he no doubt was acceptable as a sort of nonthreatening funny gay stereotype. He was also honest and entertaining and engaging and always acted and sounded exactly the same and never hid being gay. That may sound ridiculous, but remember a few decades ago Liberace for example was totally obviously stereotypically gay and insisted even in court he was not. He’s always been a chub, although has been a lot thinner and sure, he should lose the weight and keep it off.

    He may be seen as a negative stereotype, but on the other hand the fact that he did become known and familiar to middle Americans while being out and gay can I think be seen as a part of the process of being gay becoming broadly OK with people in general for the first time in our culture.

  24. Mrs. Sippi says

    Oh that we could all be butch and muscled and goateed and acceptable. I thank the world every day for folks like Ross who are out there, live identifiably queer lives, and who’ve taken a lot of the brunt of the violence directed at gay men. I find living with courage like that completely and totally hot. Be a big freaking queen, be a big butch dude, be someone who easily passes for straight. Seriously, live your truth, Ross. It’s beautiful no matter how people want to force you into some messed up gendered b.s. many of us have been fighting against for years. We are broad communities where gender expression has so many angles.

    And let’s be really clear. Some of the comments about Ross being effeminate and that being a bad thing are deeply rooted in misogyny and a world view that says women are less than. That’s messed up. Live in your binary, fine, but don’t expect everyone else to. TEAM ROSS

  25. Kenny says

    Wow you annoying pretentious gay dudes need to can it already.

    Oh wow feminine gay guys exist oh eek thats the problem with hypocrites like you dudes you’re just as bad as the bigots only difference is you are GAY bigots.

    If you dudes had your way only straight acting MACHO ( no one cares get over your constant and desperate need to look so BIG and bad all the time you are still gay just like the rest of us are)gay dudes would be out of the closet and the others would be forced to stay in that closet.Hypocrites.

  26. Gigi says

    @ElCid — I wasn’t aware that we weren’t responding to _____. Sorry. I think I did. I’ll try not to in the future. :)