1. Zeta says

    There may be a point to the multiple family shenanigans. It’s Florida? Lots of Hispanics, which means lots of extended families.

    That also includes non-Hispanic blended families of live in lovers. Since the museum probably isn’t checking last names (mom has a last name, dad has a last name, kids have multiple last names including names which are neither mom’s nor dad’s), then the museum has to swallow their pride on this one and amend their own rules.

  2. ChristopherM says

    Zeta, boiling this problem down to “it’s Hispanics” makes you about as stupid as this museum person. Perhaps they are hiring. I would bet you’d be perfect.

  3. says

    The museum had a choice–honor reality (they are a family) like museums all over the place or come off looking like out of touch a-holes. They made the wrong choice, and they got called on it.

  4. Zeta says

    @ChristoperM, I’d be marvelous. I love non-profits. And I’d do it by offering ‘individual’ and ‘family group’ rates depending on how many are in the ‘group’.

    That way single parents (who were also excluded by the museum’s policy, on its face — but that’s not as sexy as discrimination against lesbians), blended families, extended families and traditional nuclear families can all be included without anyone being called out for not having the ‘correct’ family make up.

    There’d even be a Bring Your Pet area.

  5. luminum says

    Zeta, your logic is flawed. If having two individuals of the same sex is some how opening them up to fraud, how exactly are they controlling the same issue for opposite-sex couples? Nothing in their argument (or yours) suggests that they have a way of determining whether a straight couple applying for a membership is committing the same kind of fraud. Two families could sign up for one membership by claiming that the man from one and the woman from the other are a couple with two kids.

  6. alex says

    Just because Jacksonville is in Florida does not mean it automatically has a large Hispanic population. It doesn’t.

    According to the 2010 Census, 7.7 percent of Jacksonville residents are of Hispanic or Latino origin. The state average is 22.5%.

  7. steve says

    When I lived in Florida 10 years ago, my opinion of that state at the time was that it was the “cultural cesspool of the nation.” I promised myself I wouldn’t go back.

  8. Mick says

    If you look at their website, the family membership says “1 named parent and any children under 18. Additional named person, $10 dollars.”

    My interpretation is that any family would have to pay $10 for an additional parent. This might all be a misunderstanding.

  9. alex says

    I’ve never understood the concept of boycotting an entire state. Do people not understand that the actions of politicians and organizations like this museum are not supported by 100% of the population?

    State lines are mostly arbitrary. Penalizing progressive areas like South Florida simply because the actions of people hundreds of miles away in Jacksonville is rather illogical.

    Also, try reframing. If you boycott Florida because the majority passed anti-LGB laws, shouldn’t you also support a boycott of international tourists to the United States? After all, a majority of states do not have gay rights legislation.

  10. millerbeach says

    Come to the one in Chicago. It’s much better than the one in Hicksville, USA. Honestly, is the southern half of this nation full of inconsiderate, neanderthal idiots? It sure seems so. Whatever happened to the “Bible Belt”? When did it become the “Hate Belt”? Do those idiots ever OPEN that Bible? They sure quote it a lot, you’d think they’d have a basic understanding of the Christian religion. They do not, in the least, know a thing about Christianity if they are consumed with all that hate. The dopes just don’t get it…you can’t be a Christian if your heart is full of hate. Jesus won’t live there. He can’t. He is about love, not hate. I hope these sinners to the south figure this out before it is too late, and they are doomed to an eternity with Satan as their bunk mate.

  11. Karen says

    Mick, it is not a misunderstanding. The museum has quietly changed its policy, without issuing a statement.

    And then they… issued a statement stating that their policy is still the same as it was (unlike what their website now says) and then demanded an apology from me.

    I’m pretty sure the problem is mostly that these people aren’t very bright.

    As far as abandoning Florida, there are many things I love about my city and state. I won’t give it over to the haters without a fight. I moved BACK here to be near my family, even knowing that it was less friendly, and honestly this is the first problem like this that I’ve had in over 3 years.

    -yes, that Karen

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