Moldova Orthodox Church Bans Govt. Leaders from Communion Over Gay Rights, Wants Laws Repealed


Moldova's Orthodox Church (a subordinate of the Russian Orthodox Church) is taking a hard line against LGBT rights and has banned government officials from taking Holy Communion because of their stance on anti-discrimination laws, Radio Free Europe reports:

In a statement issued after Orthodox leaders met in Chisinau, the church said on June 21 that it would call for nationwide protests unless the government amended a law protecting homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender people from discrimination.

The church also wants new laws against what it calls "immoral propaganda" and a ban on "homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, pedophilic, zoophilic, incestuous, and perverse behavior."


  1. lukefromcanada says

    moldova wants to join the eu which forbids discrimination regarding sexual orientation and such, sorry, the law aint going anywhere and if it does they can just kiss joining the eu goodbye

  2. Joe says

    Eastern Orthodoxy in all of its various national entities (Russian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Greek and now Moldovian) has rapidly disintegrated into an international terrorist organization aimed at the humiliation and destruction of LGBTs. They’re more than just another hate group. They’ve defined LGBTs as enemies and have no shame.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    Jesus, God in Heaven, what in the hell is wrong with this sect of extreme Christianists? If you don’t kowtow to our way of thinking about the Spirit World, we’re going to withhold our little white wafers and bottled wine from you at church! Yes, you’d better hate this particular group of non-straights, including those with zoophilic behaviour OR else…or else….we don’t LIKE YOU!!!

  4. woodroad34d says

    Forcing their unsustainable beliefs on others. Religion = power mad. “You will believe the sky is purple and the grass is red! You will. YOU WILL!”


    It is so cute when people from places of the world almost no one know exist, want to remain like their Neanderthal parents. So picturesque.

  6. RMc says

    The government ONLY answers to tax payers. If that request requires illegally controlling the lives of other tax payers, then the government is obligated to ignore it. The government has no choice. Those Nazis should be hanged, all of them.

  7. JMck77 says

    Moldova is already bullied by the church. I’m a Brit working for an NGO in Chisinau and it’s amazing how rife homophobia is in this country, even among young people. The government and church here turn a blind eye to domestic violence, extreme poverty and of course, political corruption (see the latest Prime Ministerial replacement farce) but discriminating against a same sex couple is totally fine. It’s a sad, sad place to live sometimes.

  8. bravo says

    No one is entitled to receive communion at a church. It is up to a church to decide who is in accord with its beliefs. Why shouldn’t a church dictate a code of belief for its members?

    Don’t get me wrong – I think the orthodox church is being ridiculous. But the extreme position is important. The next step isw for politicians to leave the church.

    It is happening here with Roman Catholicism. In Minnesota, the archbishop was clear that those who support gay marriage are not in communion with the church.

    Let these churches be strict and exclusive. Let their numbers shrink as people come to their senses and go elsewhere. Publicize these extreme beliefs, but let the churches believe them.

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