Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1383

MARRIAGE NEWS WATCH: The failure to vote in Illinois, a new survey, and hope for Michigan.

ELLIE GOULDING: "Tessellate".

BRYAN FISCHER: End sexual assault in the military by banning women and gays.

BUTT WIPES FOR MEN: The Dollar Shave Club guy's new project.

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  1. Charlie says

    Bryan Fischer seems to think that gay men are rapists. The more likely thing is that gay men (and straight men) in the military have been subjected to rape by ‘heterosexuals’ and DADT has kept them from coming forward. This was definitely the case for Lesbians as documented by Randy Shilts in “Conduct Unbecoming”.

    Military brass have their heels dug in trying to defend their rape culture.

  2. says

    So I am not against the butt wipe, I have no real info about it but if it really is a thing that makes it so you only ever use one piece of “paper” every movement, then it could go a long way reducing human waste. Americans use a ton of TP and something eventually will need to happen.

    I liked that saran wrap toilet concept that bagged up all waste for a waterless, smell less toilet. It was some big deal like 15 years ago, I bet they could actually prefect it now though…

  3. JONES says

    ‘Serial rapists’ becomes ‘serial homosexual rapists’ in Bryan Fischer’s ever more fixated mind.

    Briebarting (deliberately misquoting) the NY Times does not lend credibility to your screed.

  4. Book says

    I can’t believe I actually watched the Fischer vid. I feel like my brain is going to explode from the inability to reach out and shake some sense into him. Gah. Rape isn’t SEX, idiot! Straight males rape men to dominate!

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