1. DannyEastVillage says

    let me just say that as far as the package goes, that missing part wouldn’t make the least bit of difference to me.

  2. walter says

    he really is good looking on top of his unbelievable courage and determination . puts a lot of whiners to same.

  3. will says

    I love this story. I hope he turns out to be gay friendly (that’s where the underwear model’s bread is buttered). A guess: it’s a fortunate thing he has fantastic body art. Bad body art can sink you.

  4. Caliban says

    I saw a story about him yesterday (on Yahoo of all places) and did a Google image search. Holy moly! There are some awesome photos and yes, he’s an inspiration in many ways. FWIW, the tattoos are in part to cover the extensive scarring he has from the IED.

  5. MateoM says

    That first MateoM isn’t me. Because I cannot get enough of this inspirational man. I’m a tattoo fan. He’s gorgeous on every level. Unlike the troll who keeps posting under my name.

  6. Seattle Mike says

    Very sexy guy. Very admirable guy. And you’ve got to love the sense of humor of someone who would tattoo “Don’t laugh” right above their crotch.

  7. MateoM says

    Whoever posted under MateoM isn’t me, but actually Rick/Jason posting a me to ruin my reputation. Flattering and infuriating at the same time. So if you see anyone posting as MateoM and writing nasty homophobic or mean things, know its just the troll Rick/Jason posting as me.

  8. Tonez says

    This makes me so happy. Mainly because I hope this helps take off some of the negative stigma towards amputees in regards to being less attractive. Just to help normalize it to a degree. Stop people from saying, “He’s hot, if only…” and instead be saying, “He’s hot”

  9. OddBet says

    Alex Minsky is awesome. Love the guy.

    And yes, he is gay friendly. He is straight, but has said numerous times that he loves his gay fans and thinks people should be free to love whomever they want.

  10. bambinoitaliano says

    He is just one of the many who suffered from ptsd. Hope his new found career help him heal along the way.

  11. Mark says

    I don’t care how many legs this guy does or doesn’t have, those tattoos are repellant.

  12. Rich F. says

    @ MarkBoston and Mark: Nobody gives a crap what you think about tattoos. Minsky didn’t get them for *you,* he got them for himself. And, as Caliban mentioned, they mask significant scarring from his injuries.

  13. millerbeach says

    Rich, everyone should be able to express their opinion on this board without degrading them….that is the whole point of this board, to see other points of view. At first, I, too, was turned off by the tats, but that’s just me…I’m not into them. Thankfully, I kept reading some of the comments with an open mind, only to discover the reason behind those tats…to cover some nasty scars left by an IUD. He is hot, leg missing or not. All the best to him, tats and all. He is doing something positive with his life, and hopefully making a boatload of money to boot.

  14. Jack M says

    He’s amazing. I’m assuming he no longer drinks, but that wasn’t made very clear in the post.

  15. Bryan says

    FYI, Alex posted the equality avatar the week DOMA was argued before the Supreme Court and unfriended people who said anti-LBGTQ things in response. He spoke out forcefully and eloquently in favor of equality. He is a sexy, sweet, and caring guy who served his country at great personal loss; and he is an outspoken ally to our community. Focus on what’s important; if you don’t find people with tattoos (or missing limbs) attractive, well “a chacun son gout.”

  16. Mousie says

    Come on guys, can’t you even read those tats you don’t like? The one over his junk says “Don’t Laugh”. That is comedy gold.

    And some of us like a little bad boy.

  17. Ernest1960 says

    As usual, there are the usual tattoo haters that comment. “Repellant”? Really??? Why can’t you just say you don’t care for them, or just not talk about them. And I didn’t get mine for you either. 😀

  18. jamal49 says

    Those tats are beautiful. I love a well-inked man. Alan Minsky is hot and I will take him just as he is and love him for the next 100 centuries.

  19. says

    ahh…i didn’t know the tats were to cover up scars. good idea. i love tattoos regardless (if they’re well-done and his definitely are). i was curious as to whether he had them prior to his injury.

    such a gorgeous man.

  20. tinkerbelle says

    A well-inked man… well, that’s a new one for the textbooks and psychology annuals. I’m waiting for these guys to reach sixty and see how their choice of personal art looks. Also, I’m still finding it difficult to accept underwear model as an actual profession. What times we live in.

    Otherwise, all power to this guy, I hope he finds a real purpose in his continuing existence. Nice face. Maybe he can model Tom Ford’s new male beauty products line. Maybe more purposeful if he gets himself involved in a foundation for advanced prosthetic research and development.