Chris Pratt Flaunts ‘Kinda Douchey’ Shirtless Gym Bod Selfie on Instagram: PHOTO


Parks and Recreation actor Chris Pratt, who has previously shot shirtless selfies while undergoing workouts for Zero Dark Thirty, gave his followers a treat over the weekend when he showed off his progress for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Wrote Pratt on Instagram: "Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me."


  1. ripper says

    You know it’s always the fatties who’ve never seen the inside of a gym that immediately scream “ROIDS!” when confronted with the image of a man with muscle definition.

    News flash, moron: Actors have many hours of free time each day to spend working out, and they can afford to hire personal trainers and dietitians.

  2. Kyle says

    Dudes, you do realize that millions of people eat right and work out multiple times per week, and ya know what, they have very nice buff bodies because they do. It’s called discipline and fitness.

  3. Brian says

    If anything, blaming it on his brother was douchey. Otherwise, it’s proof of hard work and commitment. Anyone who has changed their lifestyle and put in even a little bit of effort at improving their lifestyle can appreciate his rewards.

  4. Bollux says

    I don’t mind this because he equally prides himself on being at other times a chubby hapless cutey-pie. I sincerely doubt he is one of those ubiquitous vain and vacuous gymheads that has absolutely nothing else going for them. And as an actor, he has to exhibit a range of physiques unless he just wants to play the awesome babybear that is Andy Dwyer. I think he got a taste of action star from Zero Dark Thirty and wants more. I say bully for him.

  5. robroy says

    I imagine people posts pics from the gym because most of us can only achieve definition/a pumped physique during or immediately after working out. I doubt he looks roided at all by the end of the day or first thing in the morning. Unless someone posts gym or shirtless pics constantly I view it on par with people posting their pics from the end of 5/10ks. Just want to show what they’ve accomplished.

    I personally think he’s cuter with another 5-10 lbs on him. And major props for strategic waxing as opposed to clearing the entire forest.

  6. Steerpike says

    That is not roids: Chris is a big guy already: all he needed to do was dump a bit of the Andy Dwyer amiable dough and it shows. this is not a ripped or shredded body: this is just a big fit American boy. Still, he sucked in ZDT: I just kept waiting for him to grin at the camera or whip out his badge and Raybans and become Bert Macklin.

  7. woodroad34d says

    I don’t watch Parks and Recreation and I’m not familiar with this guy; so I googled him. That’s quite a transformation! And good for his brother for making him do it. I don’t think it’s douchey; if I had the will power to get that way, I’d show it off, too. Good for him.

  8. chadSF says

    This is discipline and determination and as the saying goes, if you have it, damn it, flaunt it!
    It is not an easy task to shed off the weight and a have change in lifestyle. If I had more time and can afford to have my own personal trainer and cook. Guess what, I’d do the same.

  9. Robert says

    It’s ABSOLUTELY douchey to do this, and the only reason someone wouldn’t think so is because they’re too busy being douchey themselves.

    That being said, this guy is hot (and adorable) and owning up to the doucheyness makes it better.

  10. AriesMatt says

    And he’s 6’2″! That is a lot of muscle and beef. Been a fan of his since the beginning of Parks & Recreation and loved him in “What’s Your Number.” Always thought he was a cutie and now he’s a hottie. Good for him!

  11. Ryan says

    This is certainly the most smokingly-hot he’s ever looked, but honestly I’d prefer the normal goofy and adorable him, who didn’t have a perfect body (and may have been “chubby” in Hollywood terms, though not in real life) were he to hypothetically divorce his wife and ask to marry me :p

  12. jaragon says

    I too prefer his goofy beefy “Parks and Recreation”guy- but hey he is going to play a super hero and obviously wants to look hot in that tight suit.

  13. Redebbm says

    Chris is great no matter the body shape. Gotta love the people though that think you can look like this if you do roids. It just takes diet, excercise, and a little bit of patiences and consistency. Not everyone can get the same results, but to try and downsize someones abilities by shouting roids doesn’t do any good. Just because someone has muscle doesn’t mean they are on steroids. I’ve seen that assumption so much I can’t help but roll my eyes.

  14. redball says

    never heard of him before but after reading some of these comments i googled ‘chris pratt fat’ and WOW! he was def a lot bigger (i.e., fat), if the pics i just saw are of him.

  15. Alexx says

    Pratt has said in interviews that he loves to eat and he is kinda lazy, but when he had to beef up for Zero Dark Thirty he did. He then proceeded to gain some of that padding back as soon as the movie was over.

    It shows hes just a guy who is disciplined enough to burn the fat and build the muscle when the job calls for it. I can;t wait t osee him as Peter Quill :Star Lord” in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

    He will always be Andy from Parks and Rec to me.

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