1. Zeta says

    Michelle Knight is my hero. All three of them are my heroes, but Michelle Knight is just WOW! She brings tears to my eyes, she’s so strong to still be alive. I wonder what has happened to the baby boy she fought so hard for, and was torn away from against her will?

    I was disappointed in People when Angelina’s announcement about her breast cancer knocked Gina, Amanda and Michelle’s story to the sidebar. I hope these three young women find nothing but happiness the rest of their lives.

  2. ratbastard says

    What an absolutely bizarre and painfully sad story. I wish these women all the best. What an uphill battle psychologically-speaking. And the trial will be horrendous for all of them. Castro is a POS freak and should be executed, cremated, his ashes scattered in some miserable place.

  3. StudioTodd says

    I would prefer to hear them actually talk openly about their experience rather than watch them read donation “thank-you’s” from a pre-approved letter.

    Not much to learn from this video.