1. lotusmoon says

    He actually has a very nice voice.

    The only thing that could have made the video better is if Fred Armisen had of appeared at the end for a cameo of “I’m on a bike!”

  2. Ken says

    Both this video AND All American Boy celebrate being gay as something positive and both are excellent. Just because the boy doesn’t get the boy in All American Boy doesn’t mean it’s not positive. it tells a universal story, and the straight crush lets the gay guy know they’re still friends.

  3. errhm says

    when i was 22 in the 90s i was working 2 or 3 jobs 7 days a week to pay the rent & go to school, shots after last shift & a quick roll in the hay was all there was time for–missed out on riding bikes in packs w/friends, spraying grafitti & sneaking into the pool :( ok i’m lying, i did all that too–but that was 5th grade oddly enough

  4. says

    I like his voice too, the song is horrible but most first attempts are bad, he will get better, so will that other dude that I didn’t like a couple days ago. The video was refreshing in that there weren’t a lot of gratuitous out of place man-candy moments, but it also was boring… so close?

  5. Rick says

    Totally unbelievable. These two men are so effeminate, and most certainly Liberal. They’ve adopted the Hipster persona, which is inherently homophobic. Notice the lack of gay hipster celebrities in music, film, and general culture. Like all Liberals, hipsters are secretly disgusted by man-man love. The owner of Urban Outfitters, a major hipster clothing line, donated to Prop 8 and is vocally homophobic. Don’t support these kinds of demographics.

  6. YsoSerious says

    My goodness. I am so glad to see Gay music finally stepping out of the singer-songwriter guitar or piano ghetto. Fully orchestrated songs with driving beats and catchy tunes.


    This guy is terrific.