1. RJ S says

    So, to be clear – Assange didn’t like the character attacks, and when that was brought up to the creator of this film, they just fell into character attacks.

    I wouldn’t go see this movie if they paid me.

  2. ratbastard says

    Who and what really is Julian Assange?

    On a sidenote: the man, regardless of what you think of his activities, is by all accounts an ahole of the first order. Probably has Aspergers or something and doesn’t do that human emotion thing. I couldn’t sit through 5 minutes of any movie about his life.

  3. Eric says

    Who can really blame Assange? Take that other movie that was done recently by Alex Gibney, We Steal Secrets. Gibney said that same things that Condon is saying about Assange, but, lo and behold, when journalists and documentary film makers got to see Gibney’s film he was eviscerated by them for shoddy and one-sided work (it’s on YouTube, and it’s great). Wikileaks even came out with a line by line rebuttal of the transcript of the movie.

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