1. Jeff says

    Damn. Drugs will f you up. I never did them. Not because I had a moral issue against them. I never did them because I knew I would LOVE them and would probably never be able to quit them.

  2. Linda says

    Mikey and Jeff — I’m the same. I’ve never done drugs, not because I have any ethical issue with them, but I have no ability to moderate, and I know with even a taste I would never stop. My heart goes out to Cory and what he fought with.

  3. lukebrux says

    I never got drugs becaus: With my health condition they could kill me instantly but the biggest reason is that I don’t want to depend by anything.

  4. Ryan says

    Addiction is one of the most terrible kinds of diseases — taking so many away from us before their time. Cory was oozed screen presence and was a lot of fun to watch — I’ve been a fan of his since Kyle XY. It’s terrible to see his flame lit out far, far before its time.

    I really do hope some of his fans will see this as a cautionary tale… no one knows how they’ll react to drugs. Some are able to try them, maybe even do them for a while, and get off… others can be hardcore addicts almost overnight. We don’t know until it’s too late in many cases, because our bodies react differently to them. That’s why the only thing that can be done is to stay away from the drugs that are physically addictive in the first place.

    But for those who do try and get hooked… I’ll never begrudge them. Addiction is a *disease* — one filled with far too much tragedy.


    And the thing is there are others at risk. In the show, one could take the palms as the next candidate, right on fast wheels… Hope not, but come on, better prevent than lament.

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