1. Wilberforce says

    JT is hot, as all pop starts must be.
    But this has surely been choreographed, as all Hollywood dance numbers are.
    I only wish I could bring back the dancers at the Trocadero in the 80’s. You all would faint.

  2. Dave says

    This is rather jarring — I recall the “Take Back the Night” song used at “Take Back the Night” rallies (which I attended as a supportive male).

    Take back the night
    Oh yes we’re gonna fight
    To stop violence against women

  3. alex says

    I’m not sure what horrible search engines you guys are using, but both Bing and Google still list as the first result.

    Perhaps you’re confusing the “news” section for search results. Both those search engines place current news items related to searches at the top of the page. In a few days, all the Timberlake news items will be gone. In their place will be any more recent stories related to the search term, which most likely will be news items related to the organization.

    It is a bad name for a song. But, it’s hardly a calamity.

    I bet that Mr. Timberlake doesn’t know that the song title relates to anti-violence events. Ever Take Back the Night event I’ve ever heard about was connected to a college. Since he never went to college, it’s conceivable that he has no knowledge of the organization. I wouldn’t be so quick to condemn him…although, clearly the marketing and PR people at his record label failed miserably.

  4. tiko says

    I do like JT but this truly is an idiot title for a song. As someone mentioned above, this has been a popular rally cry for anti-violence against women protests. Considering JT’s songs are not exactly empowering for women and all about screwing them, this is NOT a good title. I know record execs are idiotic but still – they should know better and so should JT

  5. my2cents says

    JT needs a little new-schooling; Macklemore is what’s ‘going on’. sad when an established artist with nothing to loose doesn’t step up to the plate. only walks the talk to the bank.

  6. says

    Great post and so interesting. Glad I stopped by, and continued good luck with the blog hop! TA-65 What a terrific sounding book – the water cycle is cool in and of itself and a book which teaches it in such a fun poetic way is mega-cool.

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