1. Pete N SFO says

    Sorry… he may not have meant to be offensive but he definitely was. The “sleepy Mexican” is too prevalent in the mind’s of bigots for that to be dismissed.

    George Lopez used to do a bit on it about his dad railing against those paintings that always depict a sombrero-tipped Mexican sleeping in the corner.

    His dad would yell, “I got 3 jobs, 2 beepers, & a mobile phone; I’m a busy, f’n, Mexican!” Too true! :)

  2. Book says

    And the immigrants who risk their lives to sneak across the border or arrive in a tiny boat aren’t the motivated ones? I don’t understand. I want the people who are willing to fight to get here and stay here, who are smart enough to make it happen. America is full of all the people who up and left home, and took their adventurous genes out of the home pool and put them here.
    And, btw, mutts are healthier than purebreds. I’m an American mutt. Booyah.

  3. Ryan says

    My family came here from Baden-W├╝rttemberg Germany in 1749, and the other half was Algonquin. I call people that disrespect immigrants out on the fact that My family has been here for 264 years (on the one side, I don’t even go into the other issue). If they start getting nasty about immigration, I go right back at them. I feel like most people who have a huge issue with immigrants are part of families who have only been here from the late 19th century, makes no sense.

  4. sean says

    Towleroad keeps mis-informing people with a warped story.

    King NEVER said immigrants were “dogs.”

    They’re twisting words to make people outraged about something that didn’t happen.

    Here’s a novel idea: trying reading his comments verbatim on your own, instead of just blindly accepting them as truth?

  5. Howard says

    @Sean, You just don’t get it (and probably never will). Even if he never made the statement that immigrants were dogs. His analogy was offensive. He could have made his point just as well and never uttered the word “dog”, but this was no accident…it was calculated.

  6. Jake says

    He’s like a bug light for liberals. Called out by Ricky Martin? Oh my…just being called by Ricky Martin would be exciting.

  7. sean says

    @Howard: You just don’t get it (and probably never will). He’s making a huge distinction between legal and illegal immigration.

    For some reason, a large # of Americans find no problem with the fact that 13 million people came here ILLEGALLY.

    What a smack in the face to all the law-abiding people who did the right thing and waiting in line for their turn.

    Illegal immigrants? They all said “Screw you, gringos. I’m hopping the fence. Suckas.”

    I’m not sure why so many gays have no backbone. The law is the law. We DEMAND laws to give us equality, and rightfully so. But when it comes to other laws, like immigration, we say “Oh, whatever. Who cares about that. I’m going to not care. Now, back to jerking off to photos of Nancy Pelosi.”

  8. Randy says

    Blocked in my country by YouTube, at univision’s request, on “copyright grounds”.

    What artistic creativity is this copyright law protecting again?

    Nobody should get to own the news. End copyright.

  9. says

    Please, Sean, stop with the nutty defense of anti-gay zealot Steve King. The dog comment was the least of it. He’s also said that most immigrants who came to the US as children are running drugs over the border. He’s a wacko fountain of bigotry and misinformation. Even Republicans distance themselves from him.

  10. emjayay says

    Wanna know how you qualified to be a legal citizen of the US all the way up to the 1920’s? By arriving here, not being a known criminal, and not having an untreatable communicable disease or some physical problem that would make it likely that you would end up as a “public charge.” You didn’t have to be literate until 1917. Oh, and you couldn’t be an indentured servant.