Lionsgate Entertainment Statement: ‘Ender’s Game’ Has Nothing to Do With Orson Scott Card or NOM


Earlier this week, the LGBT group Geeks OUT launched an online protest of the Lionsgate film Ender's Game, based on the 1985 sci-fi novel by NOM ally and outspoken homophobe Orson Scott Card, urging all members and allies of the LGBT community to boycott the film:

"Do NOT see this movie! Do not buy a ticket at the theater, do not purchase the DVD, do not watch it on-demand. Ignore all merchandise and toys. However much you may have admired his books, keep your money out of Orson Scott Card’s pockets."

The planned boycott made national headlines, and elicited a plea for "tolerance" from Card shortly thereafter. LGBT advocates didn't buy it, or Card's claim that the same-sex marriage battle was over, thus rendering his prior homophobic remarks "moot".

Lionsgate Entertainment has now issued a statement to the NYT, defending Ender's Game and distancing itself from Card:

As proud longtime supporters of the LGBT community, champions of films ranging from “Gods and Monsters” to “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and a company that is proud to have recognized same-sex unions and domestic partnerships within its employee benefits policies for many years, we obviously do not agree with the personal views of Orson Scott Card and those of the National Organization for Marriage. However, they are completely irrelevant to a discussion of “Ender’s Game.” The simple fact is that neither the underlying book nor the film itself reflect these views in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, the film not only transports viewers to an entertaining and action-filled world, but it does so with positive and inspiring characters who ultimately deliver an ennobling and life-affirming message. Lionsgate will continue its longstanding commitment to the LGBT community by exploring new ways we can support LGBT causes and, as part of this ongoing process, will host a benefit premiere for “Ender’s Game.”

Will you be boycotting Ender's Game?


  1. Chaz says

    I’m not going to see it anyway cause it looks terrible and I’m not a fan of the books.

    But IF Mr Card makes a groveling apology for his past comments and admits he was completely wrong in every particular about gay people and their families, I may refrain from taking part in a boycott.

    OSC must do what that guy from Exodus did: apologize UNRESERVEDLY for his wasted, malicious and grossly wrong past statements.

  2. Chaz says

    Who cares if I, one guy see it or not? But if Scott-card does not make a full withdrawal, I will certainly make sure that the many mothers I know (and I know MANY mothers of small boys and girls) will NOT be allowing their children to see this film in the theaters. They are VERY pro-gay and they will shun this movie if I make them aware of the reasons why it should be shunned.

  3. Chaz says

    If you want to organize a real boycott: remember to educate the young mothers and fathers you know: this is a family film: if they families keep their kids away, it will collapse.

    80% of my young friends have young families, and all of them will stay away if they know why.

  4. Shawn says

    The small amount of money they raise is nothing compared to what OSC has spent to destroy the reputation of the LGBT community and keep us from equal rights. If they (Lionsgate) decided to match what OSC has made in donations to NOM, I might forgive them for this incredibly stupid move. But I’m still not seeing the movie. And I agree with others, it doesn’t even look that good. I hope it bombs and sends a message to hollywood to think about, perhaps even google, who they work with and decide to give money to. I’m so proud of our community finally standing up to these nitwits and making a stand.

  5. Richard says

    Won’t ever eat Chick-fil-a again either – no matter how much they “change”. Same thing applies here. The brands have become poisoned.

  6. says

    1) Not a children’s film, kids are in it but… so is war, famine and genocide.


    I am really surprised that Lionsgate would try such a stupid trick, Card IS going to be compensated, HE IS A PRODUCER. For some people the boycott is justified on the grounds that Card gets money no matter what since they made a film out of his works, so even if you did remove the producer credit they would still be “right” in boycotting.

    I’m more concerned with the rights very strong ability in re-branding things. I mean look at this site, how many people complained at the gay guys forming the protest that this isn’t right and is overstepping? Maggie’s whole press release is just to paint us as intolerant or the right, if you aren’t careful those kinds of thought will prevail until nobody is quite sure what happened.

  7. John D says

    I will not be seeing the film. I have avoided everything related to Card, since encountering his essay “The Hypocrites of Homosexuality” in 1990. (In looking up the essay to make certain I had the name right, I see that Card has issued a half-hearted softening of what he says in the essay. “Half-hearted,” because he tries to defend his call to prosecute people for being gay “in flagrant cases” “a liberal and tolerant view.”) It’s at

    In the twenty-three years since he wrote that, I obviously stopped buying and reading his books. When “The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction” started a column by Card, I let my subscription lapse. When a local convention had Card as their guest, I stopped attending.

    No, I’m not going to the movie. It would be unfair to the person next to me, who presumably wouldn’t want me to be grinding my teeth.

    I could make some suggestions about what Card should say. Not “I have no interest in criminalizing homosexual acts and would never call for such a thing, any more than I wanted such laws enforced back when they were still on the books” (note the ambiguity, because he did call for them to be selectively enforced when they were on the books), but “laws against gay people are wrong and even un-American.”

    Taking up arms against a government that permits same-sex couples to marry should be described as “just about the craziest opinion that anyone could come up with.”

    There are plenty of other good books and movies out there whose creators don’t make my stomach churn.

  8. Kevin says

    @Chaz: The book certainly wasn’t for kids, though it was about kids.

    What I learned from Ender’s Game (the book):

    1. It’s OK to lie to children, abduct them, and make them compete against one another if it serves society’s interests.

    2. Orson Scott-Card likes to write about wet, naked children.

    I won’t be seeing the movie.

  9. bobbyjoe says

    Notice that Lionsgate tries to make it seem like Card just has an opposition to same-sex marriage. ’cause if they got into specifics, that image would fall apart, as Card has a LOT of vile anti-gay statements going back decades, including where he argued that laws against homosexual acts remain on the books [quoting Card:] “…to be used when necessary to send a clear message that those who flagrantly violate society’s regulation of sexual behavior cannot be permitted to remain as acceptable, equal citizens within that society.”

    Or how about his recent version of Hamlet (all the creepy characters are gay and Hamlet’s father wants to molest his son in Hell), which plays on the most hateful stereotype of gays there is, equating “gay” with “pedophilia”?

    Notice Lionsgate doesn’t mention things like THAT. Let’s NOT let Lionsgate try to sweep this aside by making it sound like Card’s only offense is having a religious view against same-sex marriage.

    Specifics are our friends here, and there are a LOT of specific Orson Scott Card quotes to choose from to show that his hate is a longtime thing and that he’s been willing to express it in terms that wouldn’t be out-of-place in the Westboro Baptist Church.

  10. Jersey says

    I saw the trailer for this last night and it look really good, unfortunately as much as I’d like to see it I will not support a homophobe who gives his proceeds to a group like NOM. I absolutely love chick-fil-a sandwiches but I haven’t stepped foot in one since I learned Dan Cathy gives to hate groups. BTW Pacific Rim was very good, a diverse cast and the non-white female hero kicks ass and actually lives through the movie. Sorry if I spoiled anything.

  11. Lymis says

    “The simple fact is that neither the underlying book nor the film itself reflect these views in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, the film not only transports viewers to an entertaining and action-filled world, but it does so with positive and inspiring characters who ultimately deliver an ennobling and life-affirming message.”

    Yeah, the message is “slaughter anyone you disagree with down to the last living being, nuke their planet, and then take over their now empty real estate as your profit in the deal. Oh, and, it’s okay to kidnap elementary school kids without parental permission and put them in the military so that you can manipulate them into doing the dirty work for you.

    As for the idea that the movie doesn’t support the marginalization and elimination of gay people from society “in any way” – show me the gay characters in the book or the movie. There are none.

    How is “there are no gay people anywhere in evidence over the course of over a dozen novels spanning the entire Earth and a variety of Earth colonies” not aligned with the “let’s completely eliminate homosexuality via government action?”

  12. KT says

    Liongates position, that if they have a benefit and raise money for LGBT causes misses the point. Its like carbon off-sets. Just because you are sticking up for a good cause does not negate the harm Card’s and NOM’s words have done for a bad cause. Its like those people who instead of boycotting will see the movie and then donate to a LGBT charity. In the end Card will still get the money. How about instead don’t go to the movie and donate to a LGBT charity? That is a much better result.

  13. JONES says

    Lionsgate, it comes down to one simple question.
    Does Card make any money off ticket sales?

    Because if he does then you already have your answer.

    This man has inflicted tremendous harm on the LGBT community for decades and still participates as a board member of the now INTERNATIONAL hate group NOM. He has made anti-gay animus his life’s work.

    Disclose his percentage of profit and make a binding agreement to donate the equivalent to LGBT children’s charities and we’ll talk.

  14. Kev C says

    “Bugger” has been a homophobic word for 500 years, a very derogatory word used for religious reasons. OSC’s use of the word isn’t subtle.

  15. Randy says

    I’m still boycotting Snapple for their sponsorship of Limbaugh from the ’90s, and Exxon-Mobil for their discrimination against LGBT employees from at least a decade ago. It hasn’t brought them down, but it makes me content with my purchases.

    Lionsgate should be delighted that I’m only boycotting this one film, and not everything they touch.

  16. DJSauvage says

    I wouldn’t say I’m boycotting it, but ever since I learned of Card’s views I’ve been unable to read his books. It’s too hard to suspend disbelief and enjoy the story when you are scrutinizing the story for anti-gay subtext. So no, I don’t feel it’s a boycott It’s just that there would be no way this movie would be entertaining to me. And I was a big fan before I learned about his politics.

  17. Laurie says

    Does OSC’s agreement with Lionsgate give him a percentage of the movie’s profits? If so, then definitely not. If he’s being paid a set fee, then I might still consider it so as not to be unfair to an otherwise good studio.

  18. TomTallis says

    Someone else came up with this idea if you want to see the movie but don’t want to support the odious Card:

    Go to your local multiplex, buy a ticket for ANOTHER movie, and then go in and watch Ender’s Game. If you’re challenged, tell them that a mistake must have been made at the box office.

  19. Tom Chicago says

    Can anyone cite any other author we need to hold our noses while reading? I just can never get my mind around enjoying an author once he’s stuck his foot in my ass. And Lionsgate? Did they think no one would notice that they were investing gobs of dollars into a property penned by the same guy who was making all those ugly noises? At the same time, I expect this controversy will boost interest in the film and the Million Moms–all 60k of them–will gather up their kids and take them to this movie, just to stick it in the eyes of us queers.

  20. Jeff says

    The same way Stephenie Meyer made a fortune off the Twilight Saga, Card stands to make one off the success of this film & any others based on his books.

    We’d not only be denying him that, we’d be sending a message to studios not to support artists with a long history of promoting homophobia like his. Studios only care about money.

    Spread the word about the boycott and make it happen.

  21. john patrick says

    A boycott? I don’t see that many movies at the theater. I certainly am not going to see this movie. I have better things to do with my money than to spend it on a movie by a virulent homophobe.

  22. dillon says

    OSC in 2013: “…It will be interesting to see whether the victorious proponents of gay marriage will show tolerance toward those who disagree with them…”

    OSC in 1990: “…Tolerance is not the fundamental virtue, to which all others must give way. The Lord looks on gays without the least degree of tolerance. Mormons should show our complete intolerance of their lies. To act otherwise is to give more respect to the opinions of men then to the judgments of God….”

    So which is it, Mr. Card?

    (quoted from an editorial by James Peron)

  23. Joesph Foster says

    Lionsgate’s statement is, frankly, insulting. Card’s opposition to LGBT folks goes far beyond marriage, he’s said we should be imprisoned and that we don’t deserve to be citizens. I’ll not only boycott Ender’s Game, but all Lionsgate’s releases now that they’ve issued this complete whitewash of Card’s eliminationist statements.

  24. Moz's says

    card sucks anyway with his fiction being childish let alone his neanderthal religious views

    will boycott

    @ Josh LOL ditto on Pacific Rim

    though was hoping it was more humanity fights against lovecroftian monsters as vs what it looks like now = aliens

  25. Richard says

    I go to see nearly every movie in the theater and I will be going to see it most likely, but maybe I’ll just buy a ticket for something else and walk into it.

  26. LGBT writer says

    The poster ZETA on here is a troll. In a post earlier about gay youth kicked out of their home ZETA (a religious bible thumping fanatic) stated that gays love to start drama an those kids need to get over it because real pain is being dragged on the street by a truck not getting kicked out of your home.

    Zeta tries to present their views as objective but please search under their name on this site and see the militant homophobia they have posted.

    Time to call out the trolls!

  27. Geo says

    No I will NOT see this film. Would people support a film in this day and age essentially inspired by te writing of a known racist who campaigned against ethnic minority rights? Why should I see a film having anything to do with a homophobe?

  28. Lins says

    The trolls will be all over this post. They love coming on here and DEMANDING we support these things, just as they pretended that our chik fil a protest was silly, yet every gay person I know won’t be seeing this movie. I have way too much pride for the community I am proudly part of.

  29. Alejandro says

    I never write on here but I had to make a post on this particular story.

    Orson Scot isn’t just your run of the mill homophobe, he’s actively, passionately and fiercely fixated on anti gay policy, campaigning and fundraising. He’s not just opposed to gay marriage, he’s donated money to groups that seek to eliminate us an truly harm us.

    He is absolutely correlated to this film and has been bragging about the film and being the inspiration for it for months. I couldn’t imagine ever comfortably sitting in that theatre and viewing this film in good conscience.

  30. Lee says

    Nice fluff statement and I’m sure the movie people are genuine but Orson is affiliated with an organization that has systematically attempted to murder and hurt LGBT across the globe. I’d rather pay to see Glitter in marathon then pay to see this.

  31. Michelle says

    I don’t know. I couldn’t shake the fact that NOM was somehow indirectly, even slightly, by six degrees of seperation still part of this film. It would make my skin crawl to see it.

  32. Dan Seveigh says

    I have devoted the past 20 years of my life helping LGBT youth. Others can see this film by Orson Scott, but for someone like me, I’d feel like an absolute hypocrite.

    I care about my people way too much to support a project like this. That’s just my opinion.

  33. Dan Seveigh says

    I have devoted the past 20 years of my life helping LGBT youth. Others can see this film by Orson Scott, but for someone like me, I’d feel like an absolute hypocrite.

    I care about my people way too much to support a project like this. That’s just my opinion.

  34. Rita says

    I guess I’m the only one who thought the trailer looked awful and the tid bits I’m reading about it show a generic Hollywood movie with nothing genuinly riveting.
    Didn’t want to see it anyways, honestly.

  35. Two Dads says

    Lions Gate has to realize this isn’t about them at all. I know they are trying to make as much money as possible, but I support Lions Gate and have seen and enjoyed plenty of their other films. I just refuse to with this one, and I think it’s obvious why.

  36. Hugh says

    This man is a monster! And will PROFIT from this film. I’d rather call the president of chik fil a and donate my monthly work salary. I stand up for what I believe in.

  37. daws says

    Sorry, Lionsgate. I don’t doubt their support of the community, but I can’t help put money in Card’s pocket. I hope the film tanks and it sends a message not to make any more films of Card’s books.

  38. USC Trojans Fan says

    I don’t know, I feel like if you’re truly a champion of LGBT welfare, you need to be consistent. Yes, that means boycotting things and places and events that are knowingly anti LGBT. The film studio may not be, but the man behind the film devoted twenty years of his life against our merits and freedoms. It’s like me saying I love dogs and volunteer with rescues and shelters, and then have my own breeding facility on the side. Be consistent in what you believe. That’s why I support the boycott.

  39. says

    1. Did they cut OSC a huge check to make a movie out of his book? YES!

    2. Is OSC going to donate some of that to hate groups? MY GUESS IS YES!

    He may have tried to make it sound like he’s OK with losing after SCOTUS – but if he didn’t have Ender’s Game coming out – with threats of boycotts… He’d be just as vitriolic as the rest of the sore losers.

  40. MattBMO says

    Is this one of those movies that is nothing like the book? Because that’s the only way that it could have an “ennobling and life-affirming message”. I’ve read the book, and that’s not in it anywhere. It’s about abusing children, turning them into soldiers, using them to exterminate an alien race in what turns out to be a huge misunderstanding between two species. It’s sad, and horrifying, and life-killing; there’s nothing ennobling in it.

  41. Kev C says

    I agree with MattBMO. The novel is not a christian-family friendly book with a positive message, but neither were the books that this derivative novel was taken from; Starship Troopers, Lord of the Flies and Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

  42. Felix says

    Lionsgate should do themselves a favor and realease it straight to DVD. OR have OSC release the most sorry-ass apology/retraction on the history of modern civilization.

  43. steve says

    this movie is a childhood fantasy of mine ever since I read the book 20 years ago. I’m going to see it. I have been waiting to see this movie for a very very very long time.

  44. woodroad34d says

    There’s a saying in showbusiness: “What have you done for me lately”. So, you done good works in the past; and yet, here we are with Orson Scott Tool–so, what have you done lately? Why, you’ve paid a bigot to produce a movie about child endangerment and abuse and you say all is well? Gurrrrlfriend, you are so lost on the art of PR.

  45. Vint says

    Card’s homophobia is an indication of a fundamentally disordered mind. Why risk damage to your well-being by exposing yourself to the products of that mind?

  46. says

    Our boycott of the film is no reflection on Lionsgate … Proud Gay men and women do not want to see the creative mind of a man who belittles our own humanity ! We are all saving our money to see “Elysium” instead !

  47. evan_la says

    Yup. Boycott. I like sci-fi and go out of my way to read or see any that doesn’t feature fantasy or supernatural crap, and this looks like a good candidate. Pity. FU OSC.

  48. kode says

    It should be noted that e.g. at The Verge, where there’s a story about this, there are many commenters saying that innocent people who worked in this movie are going to get hurt if there’s a wide boycott against the film. And one commenter is begging for his wife’s sake, who worked in the movie, to people not to boycott the film.

    I didn’t bother to check whether those people had much history posting at The Verge, but somehow it’s just too convenient that many people start posting sob stories how the innocents are getting hurt if people rally against Card and the film. If this is machinated by Lionsgate’s PR agency I’m actually getting seriously pissed off at the studio.

    I think media should ask Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley very hard about what they think of money going to NOM through Card from this film, and how do they justify working in a film whose proceedings will go to spread hate and violence against gay people.

  49. jjose712 says

    Lymis: No, that’s not the meaning of the book, the final pages of the book reflect on intolerance and the acceptation of the difference. I remember that very well, because it was a big shock for me discover that Orson Scott Card was exactly the opposite of what he wrote on his most famous book.

  50. Yeek says

    I actually might respect Card if he said “I still believe everything I said, and I’m willing to pay the price of a boycott.”

    It stuns me that people can say and do such incredibly hostile things, and then cave the minute money is involved and throw all their ‘sacred’ principles out the window. It makes their cruelty even more repulsive, because it was so obviously casual.

    A few geek role models for Mr. Card: you don’t see Darth Vader, Count Dracula, or Dr. Doom pussing out when a bunch of cash is on the line. They are evil and hated, but nobody holds them in cavalier contempt.

    Sure, Orson, you may make some more money by begging for “tolerance.” But at what cost? Fred Phelps will be an anti-gay legend, our super-villain…but Orson Scott Card will just be another hateful craven chickenshit.

  51. madkhemist says

    It is too bad that a good writer has such far right views on homosexuality. But because of this I will not see “Enders Game” and should his “Super Man” comic ever come out I’l never read that. So happy that Chris Sprouse refused to illustrate.

  52. dommyluc says

    If Lionsgate had to respond, then they’re worried. Usually, companies treat consumers like pond scum and only fret when they are afraid something is going to affect their bottom line. It’s not like 20 or thirty years ago, since social media has revotionized how fast negative publicitry can hurt a product. Keep it up and maybe we’ll see them make Orson Scott Card get on his knees and beg forgiveness from Dan Savage. That’d be fun. LOL!

  53. dommyluc says

    If Lionsgate had to respond, then they’re worried. Usually, companies treat consumers like pond scum and only fret when they are afraid something is going to affect their bottom line. It’s not like 20 or thirty years ago, since social media has revotionized how fast negative publicitry can hurt a product. Keep it up and maybe we’ll see them make Orson Scott Card get on his knees and beg forgiveness from Dan Savage. That’d be fun. LOL!

  54. Jayce says

    Sorry,Lionsgate. This isn’t about you. This is about Card and us not wanting to line his pockets with money that can eventually be used to fund anti-gay groups. Oh, that and simply because he’s a bigot, plain and simple. Sadly, yes, you may end up part of the collateral damage.

  55. Jason B. says

    If Card wants to put some substance behind his appology he would donate half his earnings from the film to the effort to bring gay marriage to all 50 states.

  56. Joe De Hoyos says

    Thanks to all the men and women who ethics are more important than the chance to be entertained. It surprises me how trivial some people are about these matters. They just aren’t seeing the bigger picture. Some people have to learn the hard way, I guess.

  57. Brian says

    As a gay man, I never asked for “tolerance” from people like Card….which is basically the equivalent of begging for mercy. No way. The people who came before me fought too hard and too long for equality for me to be content to be “tolerated”. It’s pretty simple: If Card doesn’t want to be called out as a bigot nut job, then STOP ACTING LIKE A BIGOT NUT JOB! I am not required to give Card or Lionsgate my money to prove I’m the bigger man. Further, perhaps Lionsgate should rethink it’s own values and morals and stop being money grubbing whores. They knew Card’s views when they produced the film and they, too, should be held accountable for making money off the back of homophobia. Disgusting.

  58. Wade says

    I have read the 4 main Ender’s Game books. And now I am sorry I ever purchased them. Not once but twice! (when I started replenishing books on my nook) Now I am sorry I ever purchased the books. I had no idea that Card’s personal views were so repugnant. The irony here is that ever since I read the first book, I hoped a movie would be made. I will not be seeing the movie.

  59. enough already says

    The christians and momos have gone insane. Their hatred of us knows no bounds.
    We must hit companies which support their hatred in the pocketbook.

  60. SRChapman says

    Here is my reasoning:
    If I buy EG then EG earns money.
    If EG earns money then OSC earns money.
    If OSC earns money then NOM earns money.
    If NOM earns money then NOM works against my interests.

    Therefore, if I buy EG then NOM works against my interests.

    Sometimes boycotts hurt. My husband and children read and enjoyed EG the book. Did you know EG is required reading in some middle schools? They want to see the movie but will not because of OSC.

  61. anon says

    If anyone has a lower morality than Card, it’s a Hollywood studio. And people see movies all the time. The nice thing is that they just go and spend their money on cars, boats, houses and whores, but Card will give it to NOM.

  62. SteveC says

    I will watch and enjoy this film

    I will of course be watching an illegal download.

    Not a penny of my money will be going into the pockets of homophobic extremists like Card.

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