One Direction’s Harry Styles Channels Gay British Fashion Personality Gok Wan: PHOTO


Harry Styles is a snappy dresser in the upcoming video for One Direction's "Best Song Ever" in which, according to Me Me Me, he's supposed to look like gay British fashion consultant, author and personality Gok Wan.

The video is due on Monday.


  1. Caliban says

    I’m not familiar with Gok Wan, but at least in that photo he looks like Jerry Lewis playing Asian. Which is only *slightly* less racist than Mickey Rooney playing an Asian. I’m not a One Direction fan, but I’m not sure you can parody what already IS a parody.

  2. says

    Harry Styles came out as bisexual in high school, according to his schoolmates, and he is on video telling a fan he and Louis Tomlinson are dating.Playing gay in a cheeky video should not be a big deal. Everyone in One Direction are supportive of full equality as well.