Outserve-SLDN to Choose New Board; Co-Chair to Resign

Outserve-SLDN board co-chair Josh Seefried is stepping down and a new board is being chosen for the LGBT military group, Buzzfeed reports:

SeefriedA new board of directors is coming to the LGBT military group OutServe-SLDN, but the latest moves being announced Wednesday evening are intended to allow for “a time to heal,” outgoing board co-chair Josh Seefried told BuzzFeed.

In a statement released Wednesday evening, Seefried announced his plans to step down from the board, and the board of directors announced “the formation of a transition committee, a group of four Board Members and four Chapter Leaders who will be working side-by-side to appoint new leadership to the Board of Directors and begin to see the organization in a new direction.”

Following the news this past weekend that the board had sought executive director Allyson Robinson’s resignation, some staff and board members also resigned from the organization. This led to an emergency board meeting, which then led to a statement from the board and Robinson — in which her resignation was not immediate and she said it was made of her own accord. Several OutServe-SLDN chapters remained unsatisfied and, as The Bilerico Project noted, demanded that Seefried leave the board.

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  1. Brian1 says

    I would think that the funding difficulties they are facing will soon be spreading to many, if not most, of the gay lobbying groups. There are lots of groups focused on marriage, and the more generalist groups still used gay marriage as their main fundriasing issue. I know it’s not fully resolved, but with the demise of DOMA I think donations will slow to a trickle, just like the end of DADT spelled the end of Outserve-SDLN.

  2. Mike Ryan says

    You see what happens when you meet in secret and oust a leader? Its the secrecy that was the downfall. Now we start all over again. Grow UP people!

  3. Kale says


    You couldn’t be more wrong. The demise of one section of DOMA and the other recent successes will spur fundraising, not retard it. Success invariably helps fundraising. It is only when the issue is done, or largely done that you see a dropoff. That is what happened with DADT.

    We aren’t even close to that point with marriage. 70 percent of the population lives in states that ban gay marriage. We have 37 states out of 50 to deal with. When you are winning on a still-live issue, that is when fundraising should reach its peak.

  4. QJ201 says

    I personally have watched Boards and executive directors go to battle over organizational agendas and missions. Which is why I quit volunteering and working with non-profits. Sick and tired of the damn egos…while the work claiming to get done…doesn’t get done.

  5. Bill Perdue says

    “Hey, everyone, let’s hire a trans activist to run our group. She won’t be able to raise any money because trans activists have never been able to raise money for anything. And she’ll make straight Army dudes who wear panties our top priority. What could possibly go wrong?”

  6. says

    as before, i take solace in the fact that anti-trans gay men are complete cowards who exist only in the darkest corners of the internet.

  7. TheDrDonna says

    Obviously this is all those dirty trans folks’ fault, because…well I’m too intellectually lazy to come up with a reason, but let’s not let that distract from my point.

  8. Michael Bedwell says

    Even in his fall from grace, Mr. Seefried can resist blaming it on the Movement not being ready for him when the fact is he was not ready for the Movement.

  9. Mark says

    Given the importance of ensuring a successful implementation of DADT repeal, and given all the important work Seefried did in this effort, it’s a shame to see him go.

    Perhaps a better approach would have been for the organization to focus solely on post-repeal issues.

  10. BMF says

    I agree with Little Kiwi. Having worked with Allyson, I can say that she is a gem.

  11. Brian1 says


    I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Most of the big donors live in states that already have equality, and certainly there’s a feeling of inevitability about the whole thing. I also expect donations to taper off at NOM and their ilk for the same reason. It just won’t be a front burner issue any more.

  12. Anne says

    Hey “Dr” Donna, here’s 3 reasons why Robinson is at fault:

    1. She failed to raise money to sustain the organization. Trans activists cannot and do not raise money. They can’t even fund the trans-only orgs. Trans activists take, but they never give. This woman couldn’t bring in money but expected to keep drawing a salary.

    2. She prioritized cross-dressing and transsexuality and expected gay men and lesbians to pay for it. Sorry, honey. No deal. We aren’t crossdressers or transsexuals and we aren’t financing your movement. Helping you is one thing, but assuming all the responsibility for your needs is another. The parasitic relationship is coming to an end, thank God. BTW, note that this post-DADT SLDN episode was a great real-world test of LGBT. When push came to shove and LGBs were asked to fund a basically T-focused group, the group imploded. Best Nelson voice: Ha, ha!

    3. She hurt the organization by allowing accusations of trans discrimination to go unrebutted. If she had a shred of decency (which trans activists don’t) she would have squelched those accusations pronto. Why? Because the people who fired her are the very same people who hired her. If they were “transphobic” they wouldn’t have hired a trans leader just 9 months ago. Of course, I don’t expect her to support her own termination. But allowing unfair and unfounded claims of discrimination to go unchallenged only shows that she has no class. Which is standard for trans activists.

  13. Kale says


    The mega-donors – Singer, Gill, Bloomberg, Hughes, Stryker and perhaps a dozen more – are interested in this as a national issue and are not particularly concerned about whether their home state has SSM or not. Maybe there are some donors in CA at the 1K, 5K level who will now decide not to donate to Oregon or Indiana. But in each of these state battles, the vast majority of funding comes from in-state donors and mega-donors. There are not a lot of these intermediate out-of-staters so if they dropped out it would not make a material difference.

    We will see what happens, but I don’t see any reason to accept your theory.

  14. Bill Perdue says

    Little Kiwi is going bald! Nice try shaving your head but it is soooo obvious. You are a stage IV on the Norwood scale. Welcome to middle age!

  15. Anne says

    Drdonna- No problem. I’ll mail them to you. At which shemale brothel or prison are you residing?

  16. TheDrDonna says

    Anne, it’s called The Unsubstantiated Lie. I know you know our address, you’re one of our top customers.

  17. DerrickfromPhilly says

    lol. doctor dona is all mad cos her tuck is on too tight. loosen it up!

  18. Rexford says

    @Kale & Brian1 – It will be interesting to see what happens in terms of fundraising. And I’m thinking Outserve could potentially be in the thick of things when it comes to getting rid of Section 2 of DOMA. I mean, how will it work when a gay member of the military who is married and residing in an equality state is reassigned to a base in a non-equality state, and the spouse, perhaps a family with children, wants to follow the service member and reside there as well? (As an example, I was just reading about the Unemployment Benefits program that the State of Texas has for spouses of military service members, because they get hit with frequent relocation and changing jobs.)

  19. UFFDA says

    Little Sleeze is going bald? I had to brave the fetid air to go see…sure enough…laughing and pointing.

  20. ChristopherM says

    So a post about the firing of a trans person, and the bulk of the commentary is about how awful trans people are and whether a frequent commenter who shaved his head (and is still a babe) is going bald. Sigh. Sometimes you jacka$$es make me fear for our future. We are BEGGING you for a new commenting system Andy!

  21. says

    aint it telling, ChristopherM? (and thanks! btw)

    insecure homosexuals with no spines anonymously lashing out at brave and resilient transpeople.

    i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again – there are no bigger cowards than anti-Trans gay men.