1. NotSafeForWork says

    Apparently these idiots have forgotten all about weekend camp outs and summer camp. In pre-internet days that’s how I learned about puberty, sexuality, masturbation and the workings of a hard penis.

  2. Michael Heynz says

    The new alternative is just like another group which aims to restrict its membership based upon willful ignorance and lies. They are called Stormfront. I’m sure the leaders of this new group are very familiar with Stormfront.

  3. JONES says

    Pity the kids made to do this by their homophobe parents.
    Social issue awareness by their peers will find them ostracized and taking criticism for their parents lunacy.

    This will fail miserably.

    GoodasYou’s Jeremy Hooper got it pefectly: ‘Its history begins with wanton discrimination against gay minors’.

  4. Eric says

    …the irony of this is that it will draw that anti-gay elements out of the BSA, leaving behind the more secular, pro-gay folks. They have basically turned over the scouting organization with the biggest brand name over to us. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  5. Princely says

    This reminds me of when the Dixiecrats abandoned the Democratic party and ran to the Republican party. Dixiecrats ran because of civil rights and these morons are running because of gay rights.

  6. lukefromcanada says

    two things a person named green wearing a green shirt seems a bit heavy handed. Also does anyone else think that rob green looks like serial killer and Henry lee lucas lover otis toole?

  7. lukefromcanada says

    two things a person named green wearing a green shirt seems a bit heavy handed. Also does anyone else think that rob green looks like serial killer and Henry lee lucas lover otis toole?

  8. HadenoughBS says

    Let’s see: substitute “racial purity” for “sexual purity” and “a standard statement of National Socialist values” for “a standard statement of Christian values” and you have the makings of a new “Hitler Youth Movement”. If that ain’t American, I don’t know what is to this country’s Christianist homophobic right wingers.

  9. ernstroehm's ghost says

    Eric makes a very thoughtful point. The creation of a special anti-gay scout organization WILL help the pro-gay forces in the regular BSA. This act probably hastens the day when openly gay adults can serve as leaders.

    It is too soon to tell whether or not the new anti-gay scouts will prosper. Sometimes, a group can fool you. Consider the South’s “segregation academies.” They were founded in the ’50s and ’60s by white people who were willing to pay money to keep their kids out of integrated schools. But, once they were established they functioned like any other private schools. Today, most of them admit blacks. This new anti-gay scout group will have to exist in an increasingly gay-friendly America. Furthermore, some of their boys and even leaders will be gay. Time will tell how things will play-out.

  10. JC says

    Rob Green lives in the city I live in and wrote a long missive/resignation letter about why he was quitting his paid job with the BSA. It was disgusting and ugly and it was forwarded all around town and published in the paper. Just sad.

  11. Robert O'Connor says

    These Christian values they have…I wonder if they follow the rest of the Bible to the letter? Probably not, since they can’t think critically.

  12. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    They’re lying. Scouts will be free to flaunt their sexuality in the new “scouting alternative,” but only if it’s heterosexual. More lying. Nobody’s fooled.

  13. Caliban says

    Uh, there are still going to be gay kids in the Brown Shirts BSA. The only thing the new policy changed is finally admitting that gay kids exist and letting them stay in the organization.

  14. says

    there is, of course, no such thing as “flaunting your sexuality”

    that’s something bigots say, that insecure gay conservatives repeat.

    “flaunting” is merely not being a cowardly apologist.


  15. dean says

    Exactly, Caliban. This new group’s rules are actually MORE liberal than the BSA they are abandoning for conservativism. For example;

    “…The new organization, which has yet to be named, stopped short of banning gay children but said it would bar any members who “openly flaunt sexuality….”

    So tell us, Oh Wise R. Green, exactly WHAT has changed from the current BSA policy???


  16. anon says

    It sounds like no normal teenage boys will be allowed in. I suggest the name “Christian Soldiers”.

    Rob Green looks like he’d fit in on Fire Island this summer.

  17. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    Good riddance. The christian bigots can have their whiny, bitter little club and act all righteous. Except when they try to raise money from the cheap christians and find out they can afford one trip to the Creation museum a year.

  18. ChristopherM says

    Two completely unf*ckable guys don’t want anyone to flaunt their sexuality because they have all the sexuality of a moldy slice of bologna. News at 11.

  19. nick says

    Why is it O.K. for John Stemberger to openly flaunt his sexual orientation? I clearly see a wedding ring on his finger. Why must he flaunt it so shamelessly and hypocritically?

  20. says

    The sad thing is there are going to be kids who haven’t become aware of their sexual orientation yet and are put into clubs like this by ignorant parents. It’s the problem the BSA had all over again. They can’t screen what kids or gay and what kids aren’t when the kids themselves don’t know yet.

  21. woodroad34d says

    Christians have very few morals any longer. More than likely those who shout “Christian” from the rooftops are Old Testament bigots and not Christians, which would be New Testament. Just hearing them makes me think of Calvin and Hobbes “opposite day”.

  22. RonCharles says

    Let’s not forget the white hoods as part of the new uniform and the gasoline to light the crosses as part of the new merit badge project.

  23. Bill says

    Fellow Towleroad readers, you are letting me down. No ad hominem attacks? Must I…? Hmmm…let’s see…bad teeth on both, bad dye job/possible bad toup on one. Oh! And then there’s the chancre on the corner of his right lower lip….

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