1. JR says

    I guess the Red Room is so flush with business that it can afford to turn away paying customers.

  2. Jay says

    Funny how clubs are able to define different crowd nights without incident. And the Red Room can’t even cope with class and decency with a single change of its identity.

  3. says

    Wow, what a bunch of morons. It’s 100% ok to change your bar theme and change clientele. But why, oh god why, would you not do this carefully? Have you never seen the news? The gay community is as big if not bigger than other communities, if you want to turn us away you have to do it right, you have to watch yourself. But you didn’t, you probably had some meathead working the door instead of manning it with the manager, and look, now your bar is gone. No new venture is going to have the cash to also juggle a discrimination fine or suit. But hey, maybe the next tenants will not be such backwards businessmen, maybe they will realize that any bar can have gay or straight nights.

  4. Jerry says

    um better yet, never ever say “gays arent welcome here” because on ANY night that should not be a legal option.

  5. Adam says

    The problem here is that gay men, themselves, have contributed to segregation by adhering so strongly to ‘gay culture’.

    The other thing you need to remember is that women don’t like having gay men around if they pose a threat to her ability to attract men. A gay man represents sexual competition, which she hates.

  6. Jack M says

    They should have advertised using subtle hints that they were seeking straight customers. Gay bars advertise using the same tactics.

  7. Just_a_guy says

    @Adam: you’re hanging around the wrong women. I’ve never met such women.

    Also, any bar should DREAM of gay clientele patronizing even it’s straight nights. In my experience, THAT shows a [straight] bar has truly made it–when even gays wanna socialize there, a huge honor to their straight friends and the bar itself.

    Red room is clueless and deserves to fail. I’d happily see the law run its course and drive them into the ground for their wrongful discrimination (never mind their idiotic business practices).

  8. Sam says

    @Adam Why do I get the feeling that we just got some insight into your own life experiences? Because I haven’t experienced what you’re talking about.

  9. Jay says

    Glad to know what bar to avoid next time I’m in Austin. Hope the bastards lose their shirt.

  10. says

    LOVE Josh Moon for standing up and having conviction enough to walk out. The lawyers are skeezebag backpedaling shysters and the owners should lose their case. Austin is no place for that kind of horse pucky. AND just who was this “private party”?

    That’s a really small place anyway and it will inevitably fail. It was a sh!tty restaurant and it’ll be a failure with this kind of bad publicity. And good riddance.

  11. says

    Way to troll the comments ADAM. Straight women go to gay bars with gay men to have a good time and NOT get hit on and you’re a moron for even suggesting that a gay man is going to be competition for a STRAIGHT woman who’s seeking a STRAIGHT man WHO IS ACTUALLY STRAIGHT.


  12. says

    “Adam” is “jason” – and we all know who “jason” is under his many other various screen names. an insecure wimp of a man, with no balls, who comes online every day to talk smack about women. why? because he never got over the jealousy that his mom got to suck his dad’s c**k and never shared it with him.

    gross, but that’s what trolls are.

  13. Dan E says

    I thought “Adam” sounded more like Rick. Or are they all the same person?

    It’s so hard to keep all the trolls here straight….

  14. jleo71 says

    @ Adam. We pose no threat to str8 women. Str8 men are not going to drop them for a man and we would be crazy to pursue them.

  15. jeff says

    Having a straights only bar in that location will be fatal financially, even without the lawsuits that will follow their somewhat clumsy “grand opening”. Straight girls drag their straight boyfriends to gay bars because those bars are the most fun. Ill bet this bar was taken over by a group of those boyfriends who are uncomfortable in the presence of gay men, and really don’t get why their girlfriends like “that kind of bar”.

  16. Brian1 says

    As Little Kiwi said Adam, Rick and Jason are the same person. Rick tends to focus on hating effeminate gays while Jason focuses on hating women but they’ve become more interchangeable in their hates. And Adam is the newest creation of this person. In fact Rick and Jason seem to have gone into hibernation lately, so it looks like Adam might be the only name currently in use.

  17. Sam says

    They could have at least offered a “gay night” or even say “gay friendly”. I get the feeling the bar will close very shortly.

  18. josh moon says

    Thank you all for your support but I would like to point out that it wasn’t new owners. It was the same owners who opened up as a gay bar. This whole experience has been awe Inspiring and I am so moved by my communities support.

  19. Alex Parrish says

    Interesting to me that nearly all the comments seem to assume it’s only an economic issue and not one of discrimination. There are anti-discrimination laws for a purpose and if the facts reported here are totally accurate, this establishment seems to have discriminated in a way which is illegal in Austin. It is no different from a bar saying “no blacks or hispanics.” If these are the total facts, I hope they receive the full wrath of the discrimination law. Who cares if the place is a dump? It shouldn’t be discriminating in an illegal way.

  20. Fox says

    You’d think they’d at least go for a mixed crowd. Isn’t 4th Street a gay bar area (Oil Can Harry’s Score, Rain, etc,)? I think straights would expect to encounter gay people.

  21. Chevytexas says

    Economic funeral ahead, intentional or not. Austin in general supports the legal antidiscrimination aspect of this, and any local would know this. Must be new lol. In Dallas an established smaller bar along the gayborhood row had a nice small sign, “a bar of conventional preferences” and we all flowed in and out withput issue. It was quiet, not “straight”. Whatever these guys invested will disappear in fees and a lost license.

  22. Gay Patron says

    I am sorry to hear that the bar has changed ownership again. I was upset to hear how discriminatory the new owners are. I will not be returning to the bar – discrimination against anyone is wrong.

  23. andrew says

    What kind of man responds to the post of someone he disagrees with, by accusing him of being jealous of his own mother because she got to suck his fathers cock and didn’t share it with him? A SICK man!!!

  24. tikko says

    What I don’t get it is how I often hear gay people saying they want to have integrated bars that are both gay and straight. That would be fine if straight bars were willing to adopt that attitude as well but it is almost always a one-way street. As this bar has demonstrated, once a gay bar turns straight, it has every intention of staying that way and keeping the gays out.

  25. says

    Friends, Id like to make sure that you are aware that Personal Wine off 3rd, in between Brazos and Trinity has a Red Room Wine Lounge. It was there before the 4th and Lavaca Street Red Room appeared and as a result we’ve suffered from the difficulty in the reporting of the differentiation of us and them. The Red Room Wine Lounge is regarded by many as the #1 wine lover’s destination in Austin. We are not affiliated nor are we owned by the same people. We are sorry that there are still some bigots out there who discriminate against others. We hope you come to Austin at anytime and enjoy our finer attributes and hopefully shoot by for a glass of wine.

    The first glass is on me…


    Alex Andrawes
    CEO, Founder
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