1. Matt27 says

    Wow was my first thought, too. Some men just have it all and he is one of them. He looked delicious even with those underwear.

  2. Darren in atl says

    Wow, its not often that we get to see a beautiful gay man with a shaved, built body and too much makeup wearing some underwear that we would never be caught dead wearing in real life staring at himself in a mirror.

  3. Rick says

    I will never, ever understand the attraction of a totally hairless male body….unless it belongs to an 18-year-old twink who is NATURALLY hairless.

    About as interesting as a mannequin, IMO.

  4. mike says

    Just what we need…more appallingly tasteless cheap horrible underwear to compete with Andrew Christian, Es Collection, Aussie Bum, CIN2U, addicted, Timoteo, and probably Josh Woods forthcoming line of underwear.

    A nasty yeast infection waiting to happen for anyone stupid enough to wear bri-nylong poly cotton mix turquoise underwear.

  5. mike says

    Nice nose though but he looks …bored….hungry…or just really really exhausted from too many sit ups. Either way he looks like he couldnt maintain an erection long enough for sex !

  6. ratbastard says

    He looks like a made up mannequin. Soulless,sterile, right down to the steroid,shaved body,perfectly trimmed facial hair/stubble, hair [corporate, not too long,not too short,etc.], and of course the make up. Then there’s the vacant look and cheesy,over priced underwear marketed to apparently mostly gay men and Eurotrash. I’m not saying anything about the guy personally, he may be a perfectly pleasant, decent guy, just talking about this pic.

    When I beat off to porn, it’s always to guys who look non-pro, non-male model. I can appreciate male models are ‘good looking’, but they almost never do anything for me. Too perfect.

  7. Craig says

    I wish that models would take note: The best part of this guy’s amazing look is that he has NO tattoos. NO distracting, marring, defacing ink covering up his natural beauty. Just flesh. Gorgeous, muscled flesh.

  8. KevinSF says

    Wasn’t to fond of seeing him get made up but the posing was nice enough. Would have been better seeing him putting on/taking off the under wear.

  9. David in the O.C. says

    The underwear is stupid looking. Who the hell wants to wear something with Joe Snyder in huge bold letters all over it? Joe must have a massive ego… which is about as sexy as herpes.

    The model, however, is gorgeous. I’m not sure why he has be covered in hair in order to be attractive (based on the comments). Perfect body. Perfect face. Seriously… some people’s standards are way too high. 1% of the populous doesn’t look this good.

  10. GayRevolt says

    Yeah, I’m not into fake hairless contrived steroid porno boys.

    The skinny bearded dude at WalMart last night at 11PM was WAY more interesting.

    I’m not interested in any “man” that would whore out his image to sell ugly underwear.

    Queens idolizing that thing be gross !

  11. Gigi says

    @MIKE & RATBASTARD — Remind me never to invite either one of you to a party. Oh, wait. No need to remind me. You’d never be invited. Ever.

  12. Gigi says

    @RevoltingGay –“I’m not interested in any “man” that would whore out his image to sell ugly underwear.”

    LMAO! No worries. He wouldn’t even notice you.

  13. Jerry says

    gays. are. the. worst. Some of you guys are so horrible with your nonsense critiques. This looks like a guy who stays home at night worrying about the musings of fat internet trolls, so you WIN.

  14. D.R.H. says

    Jesus Christ, even with a complete absence of tattoos on this model, Craig still had to get her panties twisted right up her insufferably tight a**. If you don’t like tattoos, then don’t get one, honey.

  15. John says

    Some of the comments by some of the most bitter queens on this post.. lol its ridiculous .. you opened this post knowing there was a flawlessly built man on it and yet you watched to leave negative comments.. i hate to say it but to each his own.. now that being said, the general public straight and gay things that his body is flawless, a lot more flawless then the guy who is 150 pounds at 6’2 plain and simple.. if it were the other way around then we would have out of shape individuals on our fitness magazines and wearing our underwear.. that doesnt make us feel sexy.. at all …

  16. rebarb says

    Great body,but the nose is just too much. He has what my grannie used to call a Roman nose…roamin all over his face.

  17. Tony C says

    So funny to see all the catty, bitchy comments from all these queens who haven’t stepped inside of a gym since 1998 or ever and likely could be mistaken for Bruce Vilanche or Jason Alexander. The guys complaining about the underwear are the ones who’ve been wearing the same pair of underwear for the last 5 days.