1. woodroad34 says

    Had he said something derogatory about gays, his physical appearance would have elicited a “meh” from me–’cause there are a lot of “pretty” people out there. Now that he’s shown himself to be beautiful on the inside as well…he’s a total gorgeous package. And I’m jealous.

  2. northalabama says

    finally! kudos to james blake, a classy move from a classy guy, and one long overdue. we would be hard pressed to find a better ally.

    now would be a great time to have an openly gay or bi male player that isn’t at the end of their career, too.

  3. WRONG says

    @Woodroad34 – so as long as he said something “positive” about gays, he’s good looking? You are pathetic! This is what I mean about one dimensional gay men! Get a life loser!

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