1. Continuum says


    The pro hockey players clearly state that they disagree with the Russian anti-gay law.

    Meanwhile, figure skater Jeremy Abbot compares hate laws to differences in decorating styles.

  2. Jack Ford says

    Like most other athletes, he doesn’t agree with the law but conveniently skirts over the real issue which is the government led persecution against LGBT people in Russia.

    This isn’t just a case of limited civil liberties (such as not having the right to marry) but violent atrocities being perpetrated against LGBT citizens including children.

    Either he isn’t really educated on the reality or he doesn’t care. I suspect even if he really did know how bad it is over there, he’d still go, turn a blind eye and “focus on the sport”.

    I can’t really judge him too harshly mind you. How many of us give much thought to the misery faced by people living in non-western countries?

  3. Sam says

    As a hockey player, can’t stand Crosby. He’s a giant crybaby and I abhor that the NHL touts him as a “wonder boy”. I could just replay him getting a giant fist from Chara.

    Still, the NHL has always been pretty gay-friendly compared to other NA sports leagues. The Maple Leafs were the first major NA team to support gay rights.

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