1. Jay Dwyer says

    “…and in the case of the counselors, jeopardizes their livelihoods.”

    Best excuse ever for allowing immoral behavior to continue: “We can’t stop the death penalty…think of the executioners job!”

  2. anon says

    This may end up at the Supreme Court. Similar argument have been made in favor of prostitution, but the courts have ruled that “tradition” dictates that prostitution can be curbed. “Tradition” is a sideline to “compelling state interest” that can abridge free speech.

  3. Todd says

    Judge Graber wrote the opinion. You should really include a picture of her, not Judge Kozinski, who only joined the opinion.

  4. Mmike1969 says

    You religious nutballs and your false religions lost again. Keep your crap in your bigoted churches where it belongs.

    And when the hell is the IRS going to investigate these false churches and tax them?