1. says

    right, hate the gays. must make it easier for many Russians to ignore the booming sex-trafficking industry that literally helps fuel their economy.
    those thugs attacked a gay man, and likely celebrated by raping an 8 year old girl.

  2. andrew says

    It was at least encouraging to see that the police actually intervened to protect the would be victim. You gotta admire the courage of that protester!

  3. Moz's says

    those have got to be the most queeny flamboyant looking paratrooper outfits in the entire world

    LOL no wonder russia is so homophobic….the rest of the world laughs at their paratroopers who are 1 step away from wearing tutus

  4. matt says

    the world needs to punish Russia by boycotting all Russian products and halting tourism to the country.
    some of those bastard are pretty hot though.. i’m sure more than one plays for our team

  5. Mikey C. says

    Winter Palace in the b.g., same place as the 1905 Bloody Sunday Massacre… killing people demonstrating for freedom… Will the Russians never learn!

  6. Moz's says

    the laughing at the paratroopers is CATHARTIC

    a release of tension due to anger and stress over the the russia situation. cathartic release via humor is both healthy and very human

    in no way does it lessen the horror of what is going on in russia but those who are not understanding those of us finding cathartic release via humor should probably take a deep breath. A lack of humor is a possible sign of narcasism and derangement

  7. will says

    It’s strange how we tend to focus on an issue to the exclusion of past issues and the new issue becomes fashionable for a couple weeks. Some months ago we were fixated on Christian cake shop owners and florists who did not want to serve gay wedding clients. Then our attentions shift and we’re fixated on the injustice toward gays in Africa for a week or two. Then our attentions shift again to James Franco and Michele Bachmann. Now we are fixated on Russia and we get a barrage of Russian videos daily and conflicting information about whether or not gays can act gay in Sochi in 6 moonths. I wonder how long till we drop this one for the next one?

  8. says

    Will, how about you show not only yourself, but your specific message(s) of how you’re going to be continuing to keep attention on the anti-LGBT issues that you mentioned?

    i highly suggest you take your thoughts and concerns to youtube or your own blog so you can best lead everyone to keep their attentions on these ongoing atrocities.

    deal? 😀

  9. will says

    What is our position as of now? Are we trying to boycott the Olympics or boycott Russian vodka or move the Olympics or gay it up at the Olympics to test the resolve of the ban? Where are we as of right now?

  10. says

    how about you make a delightful video on youtube, WILL, where you tell people where you think you are, rather than asking other people where they are, or where they think you’re supposed to be?

    don’t ask. TELL.


  11. Cd in DC says

    don’t those military guys uniforms say “HOMO” in reverse? It’s not about comedy, it’s an atmosphere that tolerates or even encourages violence. sickening.

  12. Emil says

    They are insecure in their manhood because they never proved themselves in battle. Airborne troops have never played a role in Soviet or Russian military operations. They show up and collect a paycheck. But they are not warriors.

  13. Mike Ryan says

    Again, until Russia guarantees equality and no harm to any gay Russian or gay visitor the U.S. and all countries should BOYCOTT the Russian Olympics. Remove the billions of dollars Russians will make from the Olympics and you’ll see them embrace the gay community with open arms. Until that happens we should boycott.

  14. Dave says

    Did everyone completely miss the subconscious programming on the back of the military guard shirts and jackets……Their organizational name is OMOH…. O…M…O…H or H..O..M..O!
    Ironic or no?

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Russia will forever be a very primitive place.

    Russia is primitive like Uganda. Very similar cultures.”

    Nope. It still doesn’t work, Dan Cobb.

    It’s too simplistic and thoughtless to put down an entire country–an entire people. There are Russians and Ugandans who hate violence–especially mob violence against Gays.

    There are Russians who will find the above video disgusting (maybe not enough, but many).

    Hey, there are still too many Americans who would applaud the behavior of those paratroopers.

  16. says

    Also there are Ugandans that will find such things offensive.

    The whole thing about racism is it’s laziness, too lazy to consider someone an equal, then your brain gets lazy and lets you define whole swaths of people with an obvious stereotype or shorthand for hate.

    Your brain will get so lazy that when people challenge your insanely obviously wrong theories, you will lash out and shut down instead of learn.

  17. anon says

    This is like the plot to every kidnap porn video every shot. Half of kidnap porn is filmed in Russia, which makes you wonder how much is actually “fake”.

  18. Keith says

    To Mr. Kalugin.

    You are one of the bravest souls on this planet. . .there are few individuals who would stand alone and make such a protest in the midst of a group that is one of the most violent and homophobic in the entire Russian nation. I know I couldn’t have had the guts to do it, but it is due to people such as yourself taking a stand (even if it’s alone) that hopefully the world will remember, and some day celebrate. This draconian dictatorship now in operation in Russia won’t last forever, and I pray for you and our LGBT friends and allies in Russia that better days will soon be ahead for you. Keep up the fight. . .for it is their hope that through invisibility they can pretend the LGBT community doesn’t exist. Do not let the lie, and the hate behind it, win the day. I wish you the very best in your struggle, and doing what I can all the way here in California to let others know of the atrocitis being perpitrated against the LGBT community in Russia. It’s sad and shocking how few people here in the US know what’s really going on around the world.

  19. jsb says

    It must be terrifying to be a gay Russian at this time. I’m proud of that young demonstrator, Kirill Kalugin. Can’t imagine being an Olympic athlete next year, like they’re not under enough pressure.

  20. gb says

    Russian military attacking its own citizens,Neo-Nazis attacking Russian citizens,Russian Orthodox church attacking its citizens…and the Russian government is either unwilling or unable to control any of them.How will Putin deal with such anarchy?

  21. Cero says

    So he’s being praised for essentially poking a bees nest? He goes in solo to a yearly, national military event, to deliberately protest about gay rights alone… and we act surprised when those participating in the event react negatively to him and some even violently to him during the most anti gay period in Russia’s history???

    I’m sorry but I don’t see any bravery or courage in his action, just plain stupidity. The guys who march in pride- They’re brave. This guy is just a crazy dumbass.

  22. Daniel Flatten says

    The Police car is a Ford. Perhaps someone should talk about FoMoCo. I know they have been our friends when no one else would. Maybe we should call or email FoMoCo. They do listen. I have called before.

  23. Will says

    Unbelievable and disturbing to watch.

    Boycott anything Russian especially Stolchi Olympic’s, IOC and ALL the advertisers!! This will only get worse.

  24. Just_a_guy says

    Kirill Kalugin (the protestor) is WAY more man than every single person in the entire clip. Admittedly, Kalugin is kinda a romantic idol–a bad-ass gay stud. If I were single, I’d so date him. Is that messed up of me?

    Only problem is, valiant Kalugin is about to face terror. I don’t even want to believe it’s real.

    These Russian military types are dirt. Heck, Shame on Snowden for seeking asylum there.

    As for the violence: I can’t. It’s hard to speak about… This is the Worst Mechanized Targeting of a Minority for Destruction by a considered-civilized nation today. This is some evil. We cannot forget. We cannot forget. We cannot forget.

    Don’t forget.

  25. leprechaunvict says

    Russia is going into the $h*tter because of laws and a political system that these fascists want to impose, not because of lone gay protesters. Russia is an absolute cannibal among nations.

  26. Michael says

    Something needs to be done. And, it needs to be done with a “coalition of the willing” nations of the world to let Russia know, this cannot go on. It will result in nothing good to allow the Russian government and Orthodox clergy feel that they have a free hand in a political issue.

  27. says

    Yes, the celebrations of Paratroopers’ Day are always homoerotic: they get drunk and bathe in fountains, often losing their clothes in the process.

    Photos here:

    That’s why it’s been a long-standing joke that the holiday should be combined with a gay parade (which of course always features naked gay men).

    And that’s why Kalugin decided to actually demonstrate on this day.

    BUT at least SOME of those who attacked him were known members of homophobic groups who disguised themselves as paratroopers to attack him. Several of my friends who are activists in SPb recognize some of the attackers from previous conflicts.

  28. SophiaB says

    I TOTALLY was thinking the same thing: hey WAIT a minute! Those outfits would fit perfectly in Pride Parade!

    The angrier they are, the more they are hiding.

    I could not be more proud of that protester. Time for the Human Rights Campaign to step in and shine some much needed light on this guy. Otherwise, he is toast!

  29. N says

    This is an improvement from the last protest where a mob gathered and threw rocks, bottles of piss, and beat the protestors shortly before the police arrested them (the protestors)

  30. Tora Highman says

    The United States should have nuked these barbarians off the face of the Earth long ago when we had the chance in the 50’s and 60’s. The Russian men are all neanderthals and their women are nothing but cheap prostitutes.

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