1. Brian says

    Yawn – fake lesbian propping up the sleazy straight guy fantasy. I bet you wouldn’t see her husband Chad Kroger kissing men in his videos.

    Go away, Avril. You’re a gross female who insuits the GLBT community.

  2. Anastasia Beaverhousen says

    While I think she’s gotten blander and blander as time goes on and while I think the song and the previous single for this album have been boring pop tripe, I was thoroughly entertained by this video.

  3. G says

    transitioning into a new city after an intense and stressful move sometimes a little fun fluff is just what is needed — thanks for bringing a smile to my face Avril, this video is meant to be silly…check. life is heavy enough…cant we all lighten up for a moment?

  4. Boring says

    The faux-lesbo stuff was lame 10 years ago when Vadge did that stupid kiss with Sh&tney, and it’s definitely tired and lame in 2013. It’s not shocking; it just screams “look at me”! Why are straight women so pathetic?

  5. MichaelJ says

    @Boring: Ditto, except that it is not straight women who are pathetic. It is pop music performers who don’t have much originality or talent who are pathetic. Also pathetic are most music videos.

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