1. bcarter3 says

    “June” is played by Emory Cohen, who played “Leo” on “Smash”.

    Don’t know where you got the idea that “June” is played by Noah Emmerich, who, at 48, is a little long in the tooth to play “…a young man he met online who’s struggling to accept himself.”

  2. E.nigma says

    Great, just effing great. A movie about a craiglist closet case cheating on his sick wife, and it gets tons of awards and called inspirational and other crap.

    Maybe they should make a movie about that jerk who faked his death for nearly 20 years so he could live it up with his boy toy while his family fell apart.

  3. E.nigma says

    @BRIAN IN TEXAS: no, I have a problem with a movies portraying married, cheating closet cases picking up underaged boys in a sympathetic light.

    What next, A sympathetic version of the Senator Larry Craig story? “Restroom stall to my heart”

  4. rob says

    So great to see Wendell Pierce in a movie. He was amazing in ‘Treme’ and looks like he’ll be equally amazing here.