News: Dick Van Dyke, Hollaback, Evan Low, Meteor, Israel

RoadListen: Janelle Monae and Miguel's single "PrimeTime".

RoadDick van Dyke rescued from flaming car.

RoadBank of America intern found dead after working 72 hours straight.

RoadCivil Behavior: Gay widower finds himself opposed by partner's family. "I hope you’ll honor Mike’s wishes and assert yourself as his life partner by channeling your grief into action."

RoadAll eyes on her: Britney Spears is counting down to something on her website.

RoadGuess how old Kurt Cobain's daughter is?

RoadHollaback! New app for New Yorkers harassed on the streets. "The new app allows victims or witnesses to upload, in real time, information about where they experienced harassment on the street. It creates a map of pinned locations where harassment occurs, providing near-instant feedback to the city council’s and mayor’s offices. The app collects demographic data, too, to help officials better understand the details of where harassment occurs and who it happens to."

RoadIs this Cameron Diaz's Oscar performance?

TranscoupleRoadEngaged trans couple tell story to UK's Independent: "I can't go out alone," says Jamie, who is a student who lives with Louis in Bridgend in south Wales. "I mean, it's not new, me getting nasty comments, because I live in a small town. I've always suffered hate crime and have often been followed. But since the publicity, it can feel like someone shouts something from almost every car that drives past and I've had my fair share of internet trolls. I'm on antidepressants." Yet they don't regret going public. "It's like gay people, black people and women," Jamie says. "None of these groups would have the rights they do if they hadn't fought to change negative stereotypes and perceptions. By going public, I feel like I'm doing my bit to help change history."

RoadSan Diego Mayor Bob Filner refusing to budge, heads back towork Tuesday.

RoadGeorgia Voice founder quitting as editor: "The departure of Laura Douglas-Brown, announced by the media outlet on Tuesday, comes after she joined with a handful of others to launch the GA Voice in March 2010, just months after the long-running Southern Voice collapsed into bankruptcy."

RoadPhotos: Blaine and Kurt get their kiss on.

MeteorRoadVideo shows meteor exploding as it hits earth's atmosphere.

RoadCampbell, California mayor Evan Low pushes for end to ban on blood donation by gay men: "The current FDA ban is wildly outdated and perpetuates unfair labels against gay and bisexual men that live on through decades of discrimination," Low said. There is a strong chance that heterosexuals engaging in promiscuous behavior could contract the disease, and they continue to be allowed to donate, he added.

RoadIsrael to erect pink triangle monument to gays persecuted in the Holocaust.

RoadSocarides: Why the Olympic sponsors should take action on gay rights. "Last year’s boycott of the chicken-sandwich chain Chick-fil-A for its financial support of anti-gay groups saw mixed results after conservatives rallied around the company and visited it in droves, at least according to news reports. But whatever the impact on the bottom line, the controversy did generate a lot of media coverage, and certainly the Olympics offer a much bigger media platform for gay-rights supporters then a take-out chain."


  1. steve says

    andy — love the vine moving video embedded feature … more like this when possible…..

  2. steve says

    andy — love the vine moving video embedded feature … more like this when possible…..

  3. dw says

    Do NOT like the Vine on the main page. Please put them (and other auto-start videos) behind a click through.

  4. Michael Bedwell says

    The memorial in Tel Aviv is great news but “…then killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust.”??? Sadly, SDGLN has become another gay media organ who should have higher standards of scholarship than helping perpetuate the myth that there was some kind of “extermination” plan for gays that paralleled that against Jews. As bad and indefensible as their actual treatment was, that simply isn’t true. Because the Nazis didn’t understand homosexuality they believed it was simply a matter of choice like stealing so their policy was a kind of imagined “conversion therapy” by terror. That’s what the experiments were about—figure out a way to “convert” someone gay to straight while no such experiments were attempted to physically convert Jews to Christians. Some gay men able to have [observed] intercourse with a camp female prostitute were released. Others were released simply when their sentence was up as many were from traditional prison. Yes, several reprehensibly died from the poor conditions, from being “worked to death,” or, yes, murdered by individual homohating guards or fellow prisoners. But there were no automatic gas chambers for Gays, and, in fact, most in occupied countries, unlike Jews, were mostly left alone with the belief that their continued existence would help weaken those societies.

  5. scotsyank says

    Regarding the ‘Civil Behaviour’ column; something is up there. All of the family, and colleagues, and friends including the letter writer’s own friends, have all suddenly turned against the bereaved man? There is a reason here, which isn’t mentioned in the story. Why? Could there be good reasons?

  6. ChristopherM says

    SoAndy, you can’t even drop an item in the news round-up about the death of Jose Sarria, without whom there would be no Harvey Milk? What is this, Queerty?

  7. Jerry says

    So @Michael Bedwell is saying that concentration camps weren’t really all that bad for gays so let’s not talk about it? As a gay man and a Jewish gay man, I’m not sure I can agree with that.

  8. Chicklets says

    @Michael– Gays were not “left alone”. IN FACT, most went from the liberated concentration camps to PRISON! You seem to think that the pain felt by Jews was somehow greater than that of anyone else EXTERMINATED by the Nazis. Your suffering isnt more valid than anyone elses.

  9. ratbastard says

    @Michael Bedwell,

    Many homosexuals in the camps weren’t killed by the Nazis, they were killed by fellow political prisoners, Jewish prisoners and others. Gays were the bottom of the barrel, still are today in prisons around the world. Gays were persecuted before the war, during the war and NAZI regime [and not just the NAZIS; pretty much everywhere in the world, under all types of political systems, gays were persecuted, look what the British did to Alan Turing, after all he did for them].

    As for Israel, it may rank head and shoulders above it’s Arab neighbors as far as gay tolerance and acceptance is concerned, but still ranks low vs other western oriented societies in western Europe, the Americas,Australia/NZ.

    Finally, if you study media and writings from that period of the Nazi rise and the war, there’s repeated references [veiled mostly] to homosexuality among the Nazi elite themselves. William Shirer, who wrote the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, and lived in Germany as an American reporter from the time they came to power thru 1941, was in regular close contact with Nazi leaders in both official and casual circumstances. He wrote that several of the top Nazis, including Hitler himself, were ‘effete’ [including the head of the SS, Himmler] but that he noticed the effete Nazis were usually the most sadistic. Then there’s Herman Goering who was a cross dresser, and the second most important person in the Nazi party during their rise to power until he was arrested and executed on orders of Hitler, the head of the SA brownshirts, the thugs most responsible for getting Hitler into power, Eric Rohm, who was openly homosexual, flaunted it, and very rare for that period of time, his homosexuality was openly discussed.

  10. jamal49 says

    @MICHAEL BEDWELL So, let’s hear you rationalize away the suffering and cruelty of the African diaspora and The Middle Passage.

    This ought to be good…..