NEWS: Egypt, Google, Privacy, Lawsuits, Private Parts, Rape Culture

Road Clashes between protesters and police have turned deadly in Egypt as Security Forces invade Pro-Morsi sit-ins. 

Road That Russian TV host isn't done making homophobic remarks. Now he's taking victim-blaming to a whole new level

 Road Google recently issued a brief in response to a class-action lawsuit brought against the company for invasion of privacy. In it, they argued that Gmail users cannot realistically expect for their emails not to be scanned. 

Road North Carolina's new oppressive voter registration law is facing another new lawsuit filed by a 92-Year-Old woman who was previously subjected to "literacy tests" before being allowed to vote. 

Road A hostage situation at a bank in rural Louisiana finally ended early this morning with the gunman dead and two hostages shot. 

Road San Diego mayor Bob Filner continues to face controversy as the national restaurant chain Hooters has announced that he is no longer welcome in any of their franchises. 

Road Those attending Aaron Carter's performance at Chicago's Market Days "got lucky" when the singer stripped his shirt off and began grabbing his crotch on stage. 

Road Until last week, it was the policy of authorities in Norfolk, Virginia to assume that all women who reported rapes were lying, until proven otherwise. 
Aaron Carter

Road A Georgia teen was previously denied a heart transplant due to his prior run-ins with the law. Luckily, the hospital has announced that it has reversed its initial decision

Road A pair of brand new parents were forced to change their child's name from "Messiah" to "Martin" after a judge declared use of the name "unchristian".

Road Kanye West reportedly asked Anna Wintour to put Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue. Her response was less than supportive. 

Road Niall Horan flashed his bare butt all over British TV. It's okay, though, he was just showing off his new tattoo

Road Nerd deity George Lucas recently welcomed a new baby girl with his newlywed wife. 

Road Kick-Ass himself, Aaron Taylor-Johnson recently appeared shirtless in an issue of Men's Health UK. Homeboy is looking pretty good…

Road Alachua County, best known as the home of the University of Florida, has announced new protections for its LGBT residents

Road Kristen Stewart is reportedly going to pursue a college degree. Let's hope she majors in something like public speaking…

Road Gwyneth Paltrow was reportedly at an Author's Night fundraiser in the Hamptons yesterday, and not everyone appreciated her attendance. 

Road "Ex-Gay" singer Donnie McClurkin was recently kicked off the performance list of an upcoming MLK memorial concert due to the "potential controversy" his attendance could bring. 


  1. MIke says

    Kanye didn’t supposedly pitch to Anna Wintour that Kim Kardashian be on the cover of Vogue, it says he pitched that Kanye be on the cover with Kim and the baby. It’s absolutely hysterical that queen wants to be Diana Ross. I hope South Park goes after him again.

  2. Jack M says

    There are way too many posts here that are so crazy I couldn’t possibly begin to sort them out. Although the phrase “Aaron Carter’s performance” certainly stands out as an eyebrow-raiser.

  3. Jesse says

    “Kristen Stewart is reportedly going to pursue a college degree. Let’s hope she majors in something like public speaking…”

    Ugh! Please stop with the editorializing. You’re going to turn this place into Queerty. Don’t ruin what Andy has built.

  4. TampaZeke says

    The concept of “Messiah” is Jewish, not Christian.

    And is a new fad? I heard a woman yelling across a store to her young daughter the other day, “MESSIAH!; MESSIAAH!, MESSIAAAAAAAAH, get your ass over here before I beat your ass!”

    Hardly the way I’d expect a person to speak to “one anointed by God”.

  5. John says

    It would be great if you read the articles you link to before posting them. The judge did not say the name was “unchristian.” Putting the word unchristian in quotes implies that she did. The statement that she declared the name unchristian just came from the headline of the ThinkProgress post.

    As someone pointed out, messiah is a Jewish concept. The judge did not say otherwise. She said, “messiah is a title and only one person has earned that title and that person is Jesus Christ.” She did not characterize it as unchristian. She just apparently thinks she has the power to make decisions on issues that are not before the court and that she deems sacreligious. The ThinkProgess headline is an obvious exaggeration and to pull content and then to put quotes around it mischaracterizes the article and is just lazy.

  6. Randy says

    I’ve been censored at the Shakesville blog. I guess group-think rules the day over there.

    Now, instead of making a bad assumption against a person (NOT always a woman, RJ), the police are making an equally bad assumption against a different person.

    Rather than assuming things, police should do actual policework to determine what the truth likely is.

    The description of the case in question seems to suggest that prosecuting attorneys now many not have adequate information in order to prosecute the case, but defence attorneys will probably be quite pleased about this.

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