1. Jon says

    Pretty sure no doctor on duty at Parkland in 1963 would have been allowed a stubble like Zac has in this photo. Sexy, but sloppy production.

  2. Onnyjay says

    Wonder if they’re going to tell the truth about Kennedy’s assassination… not holding my breath.

  3. ratbastard says


    NICE catch. They’ll pass it off by saying he was up 48hrs straight in the ER and didn’t have time to shave off his sexy circa 2013 stubble.

  4. Felix says

    Oh sweet America, so covered in secrets. After 50 years you still don’t know who’s pulling the strings.

  5. AriesMatt says

    Did anyone see Tom Welling in the trailer? Didn’t see him. Glad he’s doing some weightier stuff. Haven’t seen him in anything for a while now.

  6. Bob R says

    @ONNYJAY: Was it Oswald acting alone or some complex conspiracy? I’m not so sure that if they revealed the “truth”, whatever that truth may be, that many people would believe it now. The entire affair has been so muddled and twisted and distorted, I doubt we’ll ever find out the truth. Conspiracy theories abound, so many witnesses are dead and gone, some under very suspicious circumstances that the entire affair is a Kafkaesque, a twisted nightmare. Maybe it’s better if the truth is never known, for the good of the country. Let’s hope that Oswald was the lone assassin and move on.

  7. Ben Gay says

    Parkland may be a great fictional view of the assassination but those who want the real, I mean REAL facts should read
    Roger Stone’s book: “The Man Who Killed Kennedy – The Case Against LBJ” which will be released November 4th. Stone’s
    vantage from the Nixon White House sets him apart from common speculators among those that wrote this and other
    movies. He really knows where the bodies are buried.