Puerto Rico To Consider Same-Sex Adoption Rights, LGBT Inclusive Education

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Senator Maria Gonzalez Lopez recently filed two bills that, if passed, would mark historic steps toward equality for the island of Puerto Rico. The first would effectively overturn a recently-upheld law that prohibits same-sex couples from adopting children. The second would establish new curricula in public schools that would "examine gender issues, including sexual discrimination," according to PinkNews. Gonzalez Lopez told the Associated Press that continuing to discriminate against same-sex couples will lead to "economic, emotional and psychological consequences". The bill itself states that:

"It’s imperative that this legislative assembly recognize and not deny existing families their rights. People’s lifestyles are moving further away each time from the concept of a traditional family nucleus." 

Pedro-Julio-SerranoISThe bill is already meeting resistence from at least one religious group. “There are certain issues that are non-negotiable,” said Dr Cesar Vazquez Muniz, spokesman for the Puerto Rico Pro-Family. “The problem is that they are trying to change the values of this country.” Opponents of the education bill also argue that it should be up to parents to decide what to teach children with regards to sexuality, gender, and alternate "lifestyles". 

These two bills come on the heels of two other LGBT rights bills that were passed earlier this year, one that banned LGBT discrimination and another that added LGBT protections to an existing domestic violence law. Thousands have also marched in support of LGBT rights just this year alone. 


  1. jamal49 says

    I wish them much luck but I am not optimistic. Puerto Rico, like much of the Caribbean, is infested with the disease of evangelical christianity. I am sure the evangelical degenerates will rise up in mass protest and swat down any attempt to offer any positive presentation of LGBT history to Puerto Rican students.

  2. Mary says

    The fact that this is even being considered shows that progress is being made. I’m viewing this as great news. Many people not ready to accept SSM are toying with the idea of allowing same-sex couples to adopt. Adoption is easier to support than marriage. I know because this is how my own views shifted. Ironically, though, once you support gay adoptions, you soon start to feel that those children should have parents who are legally married. And then you’re on your way to total LGBT acceptance. The change in thinking can happen pretty quickly.

  3. Aepol1 says


    This is may be true for you but not for others. In Europe, for example, some countries with same-sex marriage (such as Portugal), do not allow same-sex couples to adopt.

  4. Aepol1 says


    This is may be true for you but not for others. In Europe, for example, some countries with same-sex marriage (such as Portugal), do not allow same-sex couples to adopt.

  5. maloPR says

    Puerto Rico has a big problem with “gay activist” Pedro Julio Serrano. He monopolizes the discussion and debate of gay rights in the island. There are many other local, including lesbians and heterosexuals, gay activists and friends trying to present a broader, more inclusive image of the gay community but Mr. Serrano has appointed himself as the only spokesperson for all. His political ambitions and “in your face” tactics have backfired more than once. Just recently an out lesbian was named director of the most important governmental cultural agency in P.R., The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, but still the press ignores the numerous lesbian activists. Why is Mr. Serrano always the one quoted and interviewed in the newspaper of record, El Nuevo Dia? Both LGBT rights bill’s you mentioned were stripped to the bone and their only purpose at the end was to empower religious organizations and legitimizing myth (and discrimination)in the island. Just two weeks before the favorable and expected SCOTUS decision Mr. Serrano spearheaded what can only be described as a vulgar spectacle in the legislature. Yes, those two laws/bills. Most gay Puerto Ricans in the USA know that change is going to come swiftly and without exceptions through Federal laws and what Mr. Serrano is doing only serves one purpose, Mr. Serrano

  6. Koskalaka Maricón says

    If Puerto Rico succeeds with these pro-human rights legislative initiatives (and I hope that they do), this south Floridian will militate to have my state’s capital moved from Tallahassee to San Juan. SMH! When a US territory, possession, etc. (like D.C., Puerto Rico, etc.), leads on matters of basic human rights, the retrograde states should take the hint and follow. Or, alternatively, have the courage of their homophobic convictions and grant them their independence.

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