1. HadenoughBS says

    Ah, Ms. Rios, who sure do worship a funky God – one full of homophobic hate with a smite-them-dead bent. If you think God’s gonna even the score, you better watch out, honey, ’cause his itch to smite might begin with the likes of hate-mongers like, well, let’s see, like YOU!

  2. djcchicago says

    If this was indeed how God works, it would go better if He was a little nicer to the Christians so we’d know the difference between wrath and favor. Last I saw they were getting a little banged upped in tornadoes, hurricanes, car accidents, etc., just like the rest of the world. Of course, when it happens to them, it is to sharpen their faith, not to punish.

  3. djcchicago says

    If this was indeed how God works, it would go better if He was a little nicer to the Christians so we’d know the difference between wrath and favor. Last I saw they were getting a little banged upped in tornadoes, hurricanes, car accidents, etc., just like the rest of the world. Of course, when it happens to them, it is to sharpen their faith, not to punish.

  4. Frank says

    We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blonde who
    Comes on at five
    She can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam
    In her eye
    It’s interesting when people die-
    Give us dirty laundry

  5. Hey Darlin' says

    Cherry Picker!

    She’s cherry picking what suits her and her cause only, all the while making Jesus cry with her new version of Christianity. This seems to be a trend amongst the new desperate wave of faux Christians. They are just trying to get negative pushback to feed their self serving claims.

  6. Just_a_guy says

    Sandy Rios implicitly PLAYS God in this clip, and clearly asserts that her(supposedly God’s) judgment ahold be on gay people, and through the guise of comments about “an angry god” hints that violence/harm against gays is a just response.

    I’m sorry, but Sandy Rios is a demon. She is not of God, and does not know God. But all those Teachings of Christ that she blatantly violates is not my concern.

    My concern is the earthly harm she is trying to gin up against gay people. Sandy Rios has a white sheet in her closet with eye-holes in it, and she doesn’t keep it to wear on Halloween.

    Somehow, Rios has convinced herself that she’s doing God’s work. So sad. But not as sad as the violence on gay people that she causes.

  7. Mark Austin says

    She needs mental health services. Advocating, and appreciating violence, is a serious problem.

    On another note, she’s apparently just “hand picking” some passages of her holy book she likes, instead of reading all of them. I doubt that shirt she’s wearing is a single fiber fabric. We won’t even start on the bacon issue.

  8. John P. says

    Pardon my French, but she is a card carrying C*U*N*T. Just look at that smirk. Thankfully, there is no angry God. If there was, I’d watch my back if I were her.

  9. Caliban says

    Hmmm. As I recall the Bible has some rather harsh things to say about women who dare to preach to men. Funny how she ignores that part to attack someone else.

  10. Mike says

    How wonderful it must be for her to live in a place and time where she can afford to have such beliefs. In Egypt right now Coptic churches and towns are being burned to the ground and the Christian community is in hiding just to stay alive. But this woman’s god is more concerned about gays mocking it. How blessed she must be that her god has given her with such an easy life that she can complain about minutiae while others are suffering for their beliefs.

  11. Sam says

    First of all, I’ve never heard of the woman. Is she famous or something?

    Secondly, her version of God is very different from the loving God worshipped by billions of Christians around the world. While I’m a Christian, I read this crap and totaly understand why people would want nothing to do with my religion. Thankfully, I know that she doesn’t represent all – or even most – Christians.

  12. says

    Well her god is a genocidal freak who killed off the entire population (except Noah’s family), condoned incest, who raped a teenaged girl with his invisible weiner, and who allowed his one son to be executed. So it isn’t a surprise that Sandy Rios’ is one messed up blabbermouth.

  13. Onnyjay says

    Um, OK — so why exactly is T’road giving ANOTHER bovine psychopath space on page 1?? Ignore her and her ilk, and they’ll dissolve in their own venom. Helllp, I’m melll-ting…

  14. Moz's says

    she is “teaching” men via her radio show

    Paul explicitly forbade such and that she is to remain silent and only men can teach men

    she must either head her bible and remain silent or be punished for her sin/ abomination

    One should also assume her blouse is of mixed fabrics (till proven otherwise) and since that is a stonable offense per her bible = she must be stoned to death to create a pleasing aroma onto the LORD

  15. Jay says

    This must make her “god” a VERY SMALL god… that he could permit himself to get behind in the first place?

    Wow, just wow. Small “god” indeed. Maybe she needs to find a bigger God.

  16. Jim says

    Is that the same God who warned women about having dyed hair, wearing makeup and having their ears pierced?
    She is just another cherry picking Christian hypocrite.

  17. Jay Dwyer says

    The dying gasps of a dinosaur.

    You think of your god as a punishment for things you have done. What a scary way to live your life…but its your life, if you want to live a life full of hate, fear, and self-loathing…its your right to not treat your mental illness.

    But it is illness Sandy. If there is a god, if that god is there to just demand worship and mete out punishment…let the prick come for me. Rubbing my nose in poo isn’t going to stop me from pooing, its just going to make me afraid everytime I have to have a bowel movement. Live like that for all eternity? I don’t think so.

    Unfortunately, you sad creature, you just don’t see god the way liberals do. Maybe because your dad beat you as a child, or abused you, or ignored you…or maybe because you looked around and chose to see the bad in the world instead of the good (your mental illness again)…

    But liberals see a god of love and light and patience and kindness and understanding. Its sad you live in such a dark place. While I don’t believe in your god, I will none-the-less pray to him on your behalf that he allows some light to shine into your dark night of existence.

  18. The Milkman says

    Yes, I think God will eventually even the score. Perhaps He’s doing it gradually right now, through the enlightenment of the hearts of everyday Americans.

    Funny how bleached-blonde bimbos like this lady seem to know exactly what God thinks. Imagine her surprise when it turns out she’s been hateful and wrong all this time.

  19. Luke James says

    If this fake god even existed he would not have to wait to even the score = he would do it today . What a load of garbage , if this nut case really fallowed the bible she would not cut her hair = phonie as.

  20. andrew says

    Oh Sandy, You are so right, I fear our nation is in danger of divine retribution. Just look at all the people who are working on the Sabbath and all those other things which your primitive god yahweh says are worthy of execution. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  21. Caliban says

    I really don’t give a f*ck what she thinks “God” is going to do in the afterlife, so long as she doesn’t stand in the way of my rights in, you know, REALITY.

    My problem isn’t that “Christians” think gays are going to hell, it’s that they oppose our rights in the here and now, based on their religious beliefs.

  22. SoLeftImRight says

    Oh, Sweetie, you are so off your rocker. At least you admit you’re acting out of fear, which is so sad for you. You do realize, (right?) that some of us are mocking YOU and your hate-filled, froth-at-the-mouth-and-anus friends, not “God” — whatever or whoever she may be.

    I am willing to put the record and example of my life up against yours if there ever is, indeed, a “Judgment Day” — and I’m quite sure it is you and not me who will end up “flaming”…you hate-filled, brain dead, fearful, useless sack of meat.

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