1. rocker rocker says

    Let the countdown commence for all of Lambert’s bored, middle aged hausefrau sparkle cow demographic to deluge Towleroad with their deranged lust. 10…9…8…7…

  2. Larry says

    I think Adam is fabulous and I don’t fit the offensive, sexist & ignorant description of that demographic that you attributed to Mr. Lambert. Life must be hard for you to be so miserable.

  3. Bobby says

    WOW! Rocker Rocker, does that name reference a rocking chair? You certainly seem out of touch.

    I love Adam. Best thing to happen to male rock in a long time.

  4. RONTEX says

    I haven’t been the hugest Adam fan but this collaboration was perfection. It had a Sylvester vibe to it, with Niles bass riff and Adams soulful vocals… Avicii really managed to make it all work

  5. heathcliff says

    The misogyny and ageism of Rocker Rocker is embarrassing and
    not representative of the gay men I know.

    I think it is great that Nile Rodgers has become a mentor for Adam.
    Adam has an exceptional talent that needs to be seen and heard.

    Who else but Adam can fuse rock with dance music? Certainly no one
    I can think of.

    AND Adam is pure sex in those copper leather jeans!

  6. says

    Here is a photo of the “private Adam” at the birthday party of a friend in Hollywood on Friday.

    Adam is a gorgeous man. I just don’t understand why some gay men
    bully him as much as the homophobic straight guys do.

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