1. jake-nyc says

    i live right on the corner of 24th 9ave, so damn upsetting. but word here is that there is a tough dominican gang that is using the killing/beating of gays as an initiation thing. they get points per gays they beat up

  2. says

    rat, continuing to post racist anti-mexican nonsense in my name will not make your own life better. it only proves how small a man you are.

    with love, Out and Proud raymond miller, reporting live from brooklyn.

    unfortunately, as progress happens the scum of the world get angry that Their World is disappearing.

    the racists are angry. the homophobes are angry. and yet, in the face of ongoing hatred and violence, more and more people are standing up and uniting to beat this culture of prejudice. it can be won, and that’s the good news. it just takes unity, and unity means throwing away cultural bigotry.

    i hope they catch these guys. we’re witnessing the last-gasp fury of Bigot Nation.

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