1. J. Stevenson says

    This song STILL has an emotional effect every time I listen to it. Every damn time I get that magnetic feeling in my heart & soul. Beautiful.

  2. Willie says

    Same Love was #2 highest voted song on our radio stations Top 9 at 9 last night. Which you may not think is a big deal, but I live in the deep south! I was amazed.

  3. Adam says

    When is Macklemore or Ryan Lewis going to come out of the closet? I am sick of this double standard in the music industry which allows for openly gay women but not openly gay men.

    Also, gay men need to stop hiding behind lesbians’ skirts. Show some guts, guys. Stand up to the music industry and its homophobic double standard.

  4. taxpayer says

    I have a feeling I’m taking troll/troublemaker bait, but, Adam, in case you are not being disingenuous, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have in fact come out of the closet. As straight.

  5. Jim says

    I tear up every time I hear this song! Thanks to the beautiful artists who move mountains by moving people’s hearts!

  6. Marc says

    This is amazing! We are changing the world. Every time a sold-out crowd hears this song, we are spreading the message of equality. We are getting people who might not otherwise think about LGBT rights to take a moment and reflect. And if there is anyone in that crowd who is opposed to equality or sees being LGBT as somehow “less than”, I can’t imagine they would feel they have a support system in declaring it. It’s funny how society shifts on issues. Years ago a crowd this size would be a warm and cozy place for homophobia. No longer is that true. Today if you are a homophobe YOU are the outcast — at least in mostly civilized parts of the world.
    The times they are a changin’….

  7. Adam says

    I don’t believe that Macklemore or Ryan Lewis are straight. I think they’re straight-for-marketing-reasons. Think of it as straight-for-pay.

  8. will says

    Adam, if you could offer up any proof to support your theory it would help. Otherwise you’re trolling — and trolling without wit.

  9. Thomas says

    Tegan and Sara have been making smart pop music for over a decade, I can’t praise them enough.

  10. Francis #1 says

    Same Love I know has affected and changed some people’s minds, but I think that most of Macklemore’s fanbase would be pretty much gay friendly to begin with. Macklemore’s fanbase is young, diverse, tends to be full of both mainstream and more “alternative” types, much different than the fanbase many rappers have. The song, for me, I think, made the issue of LGBT rights more real to them and gave them a real insight into why it’s important to fight for LGBT rights more than anything.

    With that being said, it’s awesome to see the great crowd response, singing Same Love, singing a gay rights anthem, proudly. Singing along with an out lesbian duo in Tegan and Sara. These kids singing this song and cheering are the future.

  11. Michel says

    I was there! There are no words… and during our Gay festival Diverscité! Perfect alignment of stars.

  12. Francis #1 says

    Same Love hasn’t gotten as high as Macklemore’s other singles. It didn’t reach top 10 on Billboard Top 100 or top 5 on Itunes which compared to Macklemore’s other singles, is a lesser performance. By comparison, for example, Thrift Shop sold 6.2 million records and was #1 on Billboard for over a month. Can’t Hold Us has sold approaching 3.5 million records and was #1 for over a month as well. Same Love has gotten a lot of radio play but not as much on television as Can’t Hold Us and Thrift Shop.

    No, I’m not taking away from the significance of the song. In fact, the opposite. It makes me appreciate Macklemore even more, because I wonder if Same Love would have received the same national attention, had it been a gay artist singing it or someone less popular and established as Macklemore was when he dropped Same Love. I don’t think so, so we really should all support him for what he did and standing up for us and for equality.

  13. QJ201 says

    @Francis. Technically you are wrong. It has cracked the top 10 of the Hot 100 as well as other “charts” (Billboard has way too many of them)

    It is also in regular rotation on radio stations here in NYC.

  14. Cadence says

    Francis, Same Love is currently the 9th ranked song on the Mediabase pop chart, and the rhythmic chart. It’s #8 on the Billboard chart that measures radio play across all formats. It is #6 on the Billboard radio pop chart. I can go on listing the song’s accomplishments, but I doubt that it will matter. I’ll also add that the song has not peaked on any of these charts.

    This is impressive, especially in the middle of summer, when more dance and light songs tend to dominate the charts. The duos second song was a more radio friendly than Same Love, so I would expect it to chart higher, but Same Love breaking into the top ten on so many formats is amazing.

  15. Cadence says

    Just one correction, I meant to say that the song is currently ranked 10th on the Billboard Pop chart. That’s up from number 14 last week, and this is just its 8th week on the chart.

  16. Rob Graham says

    If I’m not mistaken Tegan and Sarah are sisters and only one of them is a Lesbian but it’s still a great song sung by admired artists

  17. says

    Tegan and Sara are twin sisters and both lesbians.

    “Same Love” is less radio-friendly than their other singles, content aside. So it seems unnecessarily negative to say it’s missing the commercial mark because of its message, when it’s pretty miraculously great to hear it being played so widely. And look at the crowd response. (I was in Montréal; sorry I missed it!)

    Adam/Jason is, as usual, a moron.

  18. Francis #1 says

    QJ201, Same Love hasn’t cracked the overall top 10 in the Hot 100. It has peaked at 11. It’s at 12 now. In the pop section it’s 10th as Cadence said, which is it’s peak number, not 6th. With that being said, Same Love has only been getting major radio play since around June, so we’ll see if these numbers bump up, hopefully they do. The fact that Same Love is getting major radio play is a big deal in itself. So I have no complaints.

    Only thing I asked was if the artist who made Same Love wasn’t Macklemore, would the song get the same amount of attention. I think it’s a pretty fair question to ask. I don’t think most artists are brave enough to put themselves out there like Macklemore did with this song.

  19. Cadence says

    Francis, If “When I Was Your Man” was released by a new artist, it would not have gotten a lot of airplay either. I think that we can agree that Same Love isn’t as radio friendly as the first two songs that Macklemore released, so of course its success has a lot to do with the popularity of the first two singles, and program directors wanting to have more songs from this act. That doesn’t have a lot to do with the content of the song, that’s just how radio works.

    For a song that was released less than 3 months ago, Same Love is doing very well.

  20. Kim says

    I was also there and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ entire set was incredible, but there are no words for this particular performance. My very tall boyfriend was kind enough to record the whole thing and then I accidentally deleted it, so I was really glad to find it on here, thanks!

  21. Caliban says

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that a marriage equality “anthem” is even CLOSE to being in the Top Ten?

    Because I never would have expected that to happen. But it did.