Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1415

MARC JACOBS: Has a sit-down with Vogue to talk about his hours at the gym, what he thinks of Paris, and so on.

RICKY MARTIN: "Come With Me".

MATTHEW MITCHAM: The Australian Olympian covers Amy Winehouse, serenades his pup.

WEDDING MARCH: The 'Crazy Bitch' version.

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  1. Dback says

    People can have whatever they want at their weddings for processional music (I went to fabulous one where the bride used a techno remix version of Pachelbell’s “Canon”–sublime!). However, don’t be surprised when people are offended or shocked by your choice and by your turning your procession into an audition for Poles ‘R Us.

  2. Jack M says

    LOLd at the father trying to cover his son’s ears when the F and B word started flyin’. I’m sure all the boring guests cleared out after the ceremony.

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