RNC Speaker Says Gay, Immigrant Issues Have Pushed Blacks to the Back of the Bus

Bob Woodson

The Republican National Committee celebrated the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech this past Monday with a luncheon. One of the speakers was Center for Neighborhood Enterprises head Bob Woodson, who is unhappy that gay, immigrant, women, and environmental issues have moved to "the front of the bus" ahead of issues facing poor black Americans. According to Woodson, “You never hear any talk about the conditions confronting poor blacks and poor people in general,” which is desmonstrably untrue with a five-second Google News search.

Woodson also takes issue with those he calls "moral traitors," Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in particular for their fierce condemnation of George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin, but tepid response to the murder of Chris Lane in Oklahoma.

We should pray for the families of these people just as we do the family of Trayvon Martin. We should not wait for a white face before we get outraged. Evil is evil, whether it wears a white face or not. I’m sorry to be the skunk at the garden party, but I think if Dr. King were alive today, he would step on some of these sacred issues.

Woodson received a standing ovation for his speech.


  1. Macmantoo says

    This is how the Republicans expect to win. They want to alienate the blacks and the gays. Their purpose is to blame the Gays for all the problems the Blacks have today.

  2. SAMIAM says

    That’s totally true about the Chris Lane murder in Oklahoma. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson get “OUTRAGED!” whenever there’s a black victim and a white (or bi-racial) perpetrator. But when it’s the reverse – TOTAL SILENCE. They couldn’t care less. Just like that poor 88yo army Vet. who was robbed and beaten to death by 2 black teens.

    People like them (and Andy Towle) are silent on those issues. So on that issue, I and many others, agree with Bob Woodson.

  3. Josh says

    The outrage against the local Florida police and prosecutors was appropriate, as they failed to properly investigate the killing of Trayvon Martin.

    There was no such equivocation on the part of the authorities in Oklahoma in the Lane murder.

  4. JMC says

    Uhh.. this honestly is true despite his shady intentions in saying this, some of you guys need to get your heads out of the sand. Most white Americans think we live in a largely or completely post-racial society and that “gay is the new black”, it’s insufferable and it’s harmful. There really isn’t even anything to be said for intersectionality because the sad truth is that the LGB rights and feminist movements are completely centered around white people and their struggles. The fight for transgender rights is more inclusive, at least.. but that will most likely change when their movement gains traction with the general public.

    Also – why are people comparing the case of Chris Lane and that elderly veteran to the Trayvon Martin case? Did nobody pay attention to Zimmerman’s trial? The reason the killing of Martin recevieved so much attention was that 1) nationwide demonstrations had to happen before the police would even look into charging Zimmerman with anything 2) the defense made their case on trying to prove Martin deserves to be killed for being a black thug who wears grills and 3) Zimmerman was found not guilty. Obviously none of these things have or ever possibly could happen with the other two cases. It didn’t create a media circus just because it was a racially motivated hate crime and murders of black Americans at the hand of racists rarely recieve widespread media attention.

  5. GregV says

    In the case in OK, an Australian man was killed and a few hours later, the killers were arrested and then incarcerated and charged with murder.
    In the case in WA, an elderly man was killed and within hours, his killers were caught, arrested and charged with first-degree murder.
    In the case in FL, a kid was walking home from the store and a man stalked and killed him and was pretty much told by police to go home and have a nice day. After weeks of outrage over the fact thete were no consequences, he went through a trial process and was essentially told he didn’t break any laws, so go home and carry on.
    Do both you and the Republican nutjob in the article really not see how “one of these things is NOT like the others?”

  6. SAMIAM says

    @GREGV – my point was that there was no outrage about what happened and that most mainstream media weren’t even covering the story. Unlike the Trayvon Trial, which was annoyingly EVERYWHERE on TV for months.

  7. WH says

    Gays are a devious group when it comes to their rights. They think they are superior to all. Fifty years ago they were cowering in closets, today they step forward in a self-created power grab.

    Of course, Obama would never say that “if he had a son” he would look like Chris Lane. So, why would he even mention it?

  8. Frank says

    @Samian You really only see what you want to see don’t you? Those two news stories were on several websites, and for the last both sets of killers were caught immediately and charged, as adults I might add, with first degree murder. They are going to be thrown under the jail, make no mistake about it. If the suspects are freed from jail and the public starts putting the WWII vet and Australian kid on trail for their own murder, then maybe you will be justified in your faux outrage complaint.

  9. Frank says

    @Samian You really only see what you want to see don’t you? Those two news stories were on several websites, and for the last time both sets of killers were caught immediately and charged, as adults I might add, with first degree murder. They are going to be thrown under the jail, make no mistake about it. If the suspects are freed from jail and the public starts putting the WWII vet and Australian kid on trail for their own murder, then maybe you will be justified in your faux outrage complaint.

  10. Hagatha says

    Josh: incorrect! The only reason Zimmerman was taken to trial and over a million dollars wasted prosecuting him was because the race-baiters insisted thaty it was a racial incident. They lied about it incessantly. Lawrence O’Donnel got the blacks all fired up saying that Zimmerman had called Martin a n—–r on the 911 call. NBC doctored the tappe. Ben Crump got to the female witness who spoke on behalf of Zimmerman immediately after the shooting and the spoke on behalf of Martin after she was apparently threatened.

    Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman and Zimmerman shor Martin in self defense. End of story.

  11. Sam says

    So Bob Woodson, there are no black LGBT people on this planet? Good to know.

    I will never understand why people separate “race” from sexuality. They are both inherent, different aspects of our personalities yet at the same time, intertwined into our unique identity.

  12. Meah says

    While you all are sleeping, and the US slides into a police state with secret courts secret warrants and secret prisons

    As you get perpetually upset by gay this gay that

    And DO nothing

    I am reminded of the dawning of the Third Reich

    You all make me sick

  13. billy wingartenson says

    teh republican party is not just filled with hatred for various minorities – its creating hatred and insanity

    In Anne arundel couty md the woman who ran the county repub party a joyce Frommann said

    “obama was worse then hitler” thi snut job of course ignored the fact that hitler murdered all the 24000 blacks in Germany during the holocaust. same re the 50,000 or so gays he could find.

    Of course the repubs biggest and most reliable voting base is the southern batpists / evangelicals

    The religious culture which gave us slavery per the bible

    Made america the second to last nation to end slavery in the west

    the only one to need a war to do so

    And then came segregation for another hundred years.

    BTW as an example f the hate group FRC, here is tony perkins, its president (and you can be sure he and most of his kind are repubs and close to running the party


  14. raul says

    I can’t believe that so many people have responded to this absurd statement from the GOP who are trying in state after state to limit people of color from voting.

    Why are they doing this? Because they, the GOP have nothing to offer.

    The GOP have pimped out issues of gender, race, and poverty since the southern strategy.

    We would all be well advised to ignore whatever they say while focusing on what they do.

  15. Polyboy says


    Where were you in 1978 when FISA was passed?
    Where were you in 2001 when the Patriot Act was passed?
    Where were you in 2007 when the FISA amendment was passed.

    The NSA didn’t even come out of cold until the 1970’s.

    If you’re just getting upset now, you are far too late.

  16. andrew says

    Comments like those of Woodson’s are an attempt to break up the coalition of Blacks, immigrants, Latinos, gays, poor people and environmentalists who are supporters of the Democratic party.

  17. Meah says

    Woodson has some valid points, and if you don’t want sh*t broke up they need to be respected and addressed, because they ARE representative of how a large percentage of people think and feel.

    And the whole Dem/Rep game is old and tired, you don’t GET it, BOTH parties SUCK.

  18. Scott says

    I’m sure we all remember what wonderful progress the GOP were making for blacks before the gays came along and pushed in front.

    Anybody? Anything? Nope, me neither.

  19. 1♥ says

    Gay issues are put in front of other groups issues by Republicans because the Republicans run on anti-gay bigotry to win elections. Republicans hate Gays more than any other group. They are responsible for most of the anti-gay laws in this country.

  20. Hey Darlin' says

    Never forget that the right wingers would love nothing more than to inspire discord between all those they oppose. That they would seek out a minority to disparage another minority is just the way they conduct the business of divide and conquer. Guess which minority will be next on their list, your guess is as good as mine BUT they do have a next minority, they always will.

  21. Zeta says

    “So Bob Woodson, there are no black LGBT people on this planet? Good to know.”

    @Sam, just replace ‘bob woodson’ with ‘white/mainstream LGBT organizations’ and the sentence still works. There are enough poles in eyes for everyone.

  22. Zeta says

    “Samiam, Doesn’t the white population have sufficient people to comment on the white killings without needing Al or Jesse?”

    @LK, it’s not about white people protesting against what they see as an unfair system of blacks murdering whites and getting away with it. It’s about something which will never be admitted.

  23. Carlie says

    Yes, the man shot the boy he stalked in self-defense.

    What does it say about the psychology of a culture, and an individual, that can create such fictions for themselves? Borderline psychotic, that’s what.

  24. ratbastard says

    You know, one of the biggest irritants regarding the ‘progressive’ movement/ideology in America is the non-stop pityfest and blame-game. The world is a rough place today, it was even more-so [arguably] in the past. Warfare and the basic human emotions of anger, hate, jealousy, avarice, are not unique to any one group, ethnicity, ‘race’, or even gender. The ‘natives’ here in the Americas [north and south] were not some peace loving moral and ethically superior people vs the white devil [Europeans]. They did terrible thing, especially towards each other and towards rival ‘tribes’. Ditto Africans in Africa, and Asians.


    More on-topic:

    The Republican guy has a point, actually: I don’t think black people are stupid and many I’m sure realize their ‘rights’ movement has been co-opted by a made up group of ‘oppressed’ people called ‘Hispanics’, and by women [rich, poor, white, whatever], Asians, and sexual minorities. These groups have eclipsed blacks in their political influence and importance, especially ‘Hispanics’.

  25. Meah says

    If you don’t play the bogus US PR game, you become less visible.

    The downside is, when you DO play it, your entire group ends up looking like it’s something that is certainly not representative of how diverse the group really IS.

    Fortunately, most people in the US have perpetual amnesia, so they quickly forget and revise what the past was like, and are such easily pliable tools for corporate agendas.

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