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Jon Stewart Responds to the Syria Crisis, McCain's Poker-Playing Response: VIDEO


Jon Stewart hilariously shredded Senator John McCain last night for playing a game of iPhone poker during the Syria intervention hearings, but mostly just threw his arms up at the Groundhog Deja Clusterf**k of it all.


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Facebook Ice Cream Exists, But What Does It Taste Like?


Facebook ice cream is for sale at the Valentino ice cream shop on Murter Island in the Adriatic Sea.

Writes Digital Trends:

The Facebook ice cream does not taste like Facebook because Facebook is a website and you cannot taste it (though I imagine it would taste like a combination of narcissism, short-term social fulfillment, and regret). The Facebook ice cream tastes like gum and candy, thanks to the flavored blue syrup. There’s probably some metaphor in here about something being sugary, addictive, and only good in moderation, but I’m too lazy to nail it down.

Apparently gimmicks work and people "like" it.

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Giovanni's Room, Nation's Oldest LGBT Bookstore, for Sale

GiovannisroomThe Philadelphia LGBT bookstore Giovanni's Room, the oldest in the nation, is up for sale, its fate unknown, Philadelphia Gay News reports:

[Ed] Hermance, 73, has owned the independently run LGBT bookstore, nestled on the corner of Pine and 12th streets, since 1976.

The Powelton resident plans to step down this winter and is exploring options for keeping the business running under a new owner, but will have to sell to a different buyer if there is not sufficient support for continuing Giovanni’s Room.

“I know it’s possible for independent bookstores to thrive in the current environment. I don’t know if someone has the resources and the passion to continue the store,” he said. “If someone wanted to rent the space for a different kind of bookstore and no one wanted to continue Giovanni’s Room, I’d be pleased to rent it to them, thinking that it would be in their interest to help all the people who have depended on us.”

Hermance is handling the sale personally and said he will have asking prices determined later this month.

More at PGN...

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Gay Man's House Torched After He is Murdered in Jamaica: VIDEO


A gay man was murdered in Jamaica late last month.

Jamaican LGBT News writes:

Watch as a resident and news reporters try to allude to, but not confirm the sexuality of Dean Moriah, whose body was found with stab wounds, house set on fire, and car stolen on August 28. Dean, at the time of his death was an entertainment coordinator at Bogue Village, Montego bay, Jamaica. He was also an a well known, openly gay man.

Watch the report, AFTER THE JUMP...

Moriah's death follows two recent incidents of anti-LGBT violence in Jamaica, one in which two men had to flee after an auto accident when residents accused them of being gay. In another incident, five men had to barricade themselves inside a home after an anti-gay mob gathered outside.

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Canadian Olympic Speed Skater: 'Proud to Be Gay'

Canadian Olympic speed skater Anastasia Bucsis has come out publicly in response to Russia's anti-gay laws and the controversy surrounding the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, the Globe and Mail reports:

BucsisMs. Bucsis had told her family and close friends two years ago that she is gay, but she decided to make a public statement this weekend at Calgary’s Pride parade to underscore her opposition to Russia’s law, tweeting and and talking to The Globe and Mail about “being so proud to be gay.”

“I could never promote that message of concealing who you are with all of this going on in Russia. I’m kind of happy that I did it on my own terms,” said Ms. Bucsis, who is hoping to qualify for Sochi in long-track speed skating. She’s on track to make the cut: Not only did the 24-year-old compete for Canada in the 2010 Vancouver Games, she is on the national team and has set personal bests this year.

Bucsis says athletes must speak out so young LGBT adults know they're not alone.

Bucsis joins Australian snowboarder Belle Brockhoff, who also came out last month to make a statement about Sochi.

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San Antonio to Vote on LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance: WATCH LIVE


San Antonio, Texas is set to vote shortly on the highly-contentious LGBT non-discrimination ordinance. As you may recall, hundreds gathered last week to pray in protest.

You can watch the public comment and vote LIVE HERE.

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