1. emjayay says

    I’m baffled by the A&F campaign they’ve been running all these years. Soft core porn young super hot dude closeup black and white photos including all over their shopping bags. Clearly a descendant of the Herb Ritts Calvin Klein advertising in the late 90’s, which was the first to really go there.

    It’s so gay no self respecting gay guy would be seen in a shirt with A&F on it in big letters but normal American straight dudes buy them. It’s just too blatantly commercial/gay. But obviously it has been a success for them and must sell a lot of clothes to a lot of guys. I just don’t understand why it works, but I bet A&F and their agency have given it some thought.

    Sometimes I see middle class Chinese ladies with one of those soft porn bags on the subway and just wonder. Clearly it is all a result of the much more equal attitudes about the sexes which are a result of the women’s movement etc. even if this isn’t exactly what they had in mind. Not just the (straight) male gaze now but also the female and gay male gaze. Someone in Queer Theory should do a thesis.

  2. emjayay says

    If you want to know what a fox says really, Google “fox calls” and the first link is to a youtube video which is informative (read the long description) and comprehensive. And some of the commenters have heard the Ylvis song!

    Except for one time I heard a fox say something really different. I heard this repetitive call of some sort in the woods, repeating maybe every ten seconds. Kind of like some cats will just walk around the house mouthing off. It sounded between some kind of bird and a cat and a dog and Cathy in the comics (ack, ack, ack) or who knows what. It got closer and eventually a fox making the sound walked slowly by.

  3. ratbastard says


    The Americans? A&B is a multinational corporation. Probably does better at it’s non-U.S. stores. Anyway, they’ve been struggling for some time.

    And the song owners could have prevented A&B from using it in a cheesy commercial.

  4. Fenrox says

    @rat, it’s funny, A&F is american because they funnel all their clothes through america. Americans wear them (not true anymore) and then Japan who can’t (the have them now) have them GOES CRAZY FOR THEM. Then a huge rollout in Japan.

  5. SpaceCadet says

    I remember 10-15 years ago, and probably it stills exists to a lesser degree today, when all the little gay boys had to buy and wear A&F clothes as if doing so magically transformed them into someone cool and desirable. They would even incorporate “A&F” into their instant messenger and gay web profile site names like “AFjock23″ or “AFmuscleboi”. It would just make me roll my eyes at how so conformist and easily influenced a lot of gay males could be. I guess all it takes is erotic imagery of Midwestern looking, ripped white guys. Meanwhile, their stores had discriminatory practices against anyone of color, the head of the company acknowledges they don’t want overweight and unattractive people wearing his brand, and even recently their models have been caught making racially offensive comments against the very customers that they were sent overseas to represent their company for.

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