1. Zeta says

    A New Hope…. that’s where the rebels blew up the Evil Empire and killed all those contractors, but it was cool because the Evil Empire.

    Bin Laden had legitimate beef against the US. I’m still not sure he actually did it.

    Prayers to the families, friends and coworkers of all collateral damage, everywhere, everywhen.

  2. Zeta says

    Nevermind, the contractors had left the building years ago in New Hope; that was Jedi. That was only janitors and custodians, no one cares about them. I wonder if the Death Star had schools and spouse quarters like the Enterprise, or if it was strictly workers like Umbrella Corporation.

  3. Hagatha says

    We could have solved a lot of problem with some group punishment. Make an announcement to the Islamic world that every death of a nonmuslim will cost them one mosque without regard for it being occupied or empty.

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